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Nokia and AT&T Wireless offer Nokia N-Gage

The N-Gage is an advanced gaming console that includes a built-in digital music player (MP3/AAC), FM radio, and internationally capable mobile phone. The N-Gage game deck and select N-Gage gametitles are available for online purchase by visiting http://www.attwireless.com/.

Built for active gamers, the N-Gage game deck allows for online, mobile, multiplayer game play with some of today’s hottest titles including: Tomb Raider starring Lara Croft, Pandemonium, and Tony Hawk’s pro Skater. It features high-quality, 3D color graphics, nine-way directional game controller, and an ergonomic design optimized for mobile game play.

In addition, the N-Gage game deck gives customers access to entertainment, messaging, and information services available with AT&T Wireless’ mMode(sm) service. mMode offers customers the ability to play an additional 300 games, access e-mail, purchase ringtones or graphics, and much more.

Customers can purchase N-Gage game decks online for $299.99 when they sign up for a select AT&T Wireless service plan. The special $23.98 service offer has no contractual commitment, requires recurring credit card billing, and automatically replenishes a customer’s account every 30 days or when customers use up their allotment of voice/data service – whichever comes first.

“The N-Gage game deck offers our customers a compelling new gaming experience while providing enhanced features and services on an advanced mMode-capable device,” said Sam Hall, vice president of mMode services at AT&T Wireless. “The N-Gage game deck takes the best of what our network has to offer and creates an entirely new connected mobile gaming experience.”

“The wireless games revolution is here,” said Nada Usina, general manager of entertainment and media for Nokia, Americas. “Bragging rights and competition are already taking place in a worldwide environment with multiplayer, online capabilities via N-Gage™ Arena.”

The N-Gage Arena, an online resource for N-Gage game deck users, will be the home for the worldwide, virtual community of gamers to share their experiences and to find other players. At launch, some of the key features of the N-Gage Arena include: 1) cheats – downloads that boost a characters abilities or help the player out of a sticky situation; 2) game clips – allows a player to record a game sequence and upload it for other gamers to view; 3) shadow gaming – allows a gamer to post a “shadow” of his/her character, which other players can view; 4) strategy guides and walk-throughs – game recordings that demonstrate how a particular game challenge is solved); 5) high-score postings, and 6) access to live two-player gaming. Customers can access the N-Gage Arena while mobile. N-Gage Arena’s content services will be offered free-of-charge for an initial trial period.