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Nokia aquires Sega.com network

This agreement will further enhance online games and service offerings for the Nokia N-Gage(TM) game deck, as Sega.com’s leading multi-player technology will now become an integral part of the NokiaN-Gage experience. The SEGA Network Application Package (SNAP), that enables high-performance networked multi-player games, will form the core part of Nokia Mobile Phones’ Entertainment and MediaBusiness Unit’s online games activity. This transaction is subject to standard closing conditions.

“Online multi-player games and mobility are seen as the hottest developments in the games industry today. This acquisition is a logical step in bringing online elements to mobile games,” said Ilkka Raiskinen, Senior Vice President, Entertainment and Media Business Unit. “Sega.com Inc. has developed a robust technology platform which, combined with the Nokia N-Gage(TM) game deck, opens up totally new dimensions for gamers. Sega.com is known to be the host for some of the world’s best online game competencies, and I believe that together, we have the leading knowledge in both mobility and online games technologies, thus further developing and expanding the opportunities for the entire games space.”

Sega.com Inc. is located in San Francisco focusing on game distribution and online game services. In the game industry, Sega.com Inc. is known as a leading supplier of technology for, and a pioneer in, mobile and multi-player online games. Following the acquisition, SNAP will be integrated into the Nokia N-Gage(TM) game deck enabling multi-player games for mobile and fixed environments. SNAP will bring immediate benefits to the Nokia N-Gage game deck, scheduled to be available to consumers worldwide October 7, 2003.

The integration of SNAP technology into Nokia’s game portfolio will have positive effects on all aspects of the games community. Nokia N-Gage(TM) gamers will benefit from content creation, resulting in more feature-rich multi-player online games. The mobile operators will have the opportunity to generate additional revenue streams by integrating games industry technology into their mobile networks. Finally, SNAP technology offers games developers a flexible and well tested online games platform to provide appealing and entertaining games to gamers globally. Over time, SNAP will bring even bigger benefits to the games industry as the technologies and games genres evolve to take full advantage of online elements.

“SEGA understood the great future for online gaming from a very early point. Thus, we have used our best efforts to further the online gaming business,” said Hisao Oguchi, Representative Director and President of SEGA Corporation. “After this agreement closes, Nokia will leverage the SNAP technology to strenghthen online gaming titles for Nokia N-Gage(TM). SEGA will continue to enhance its gaming software business as a content publisher and pursue various avenues in the online entertainment industry including providing content for Nokia N-Gage(TM).”