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Nova Gaming Brings Peripherals Stateside

The market for high-end gaming peripherals just got a little more crowded. On Thursday, the French outfit Nova GamingRazer and Saitek in the United States by introducing a gamer-centric line of mice, keyboards, LAN bags and other accessories this fall. Its first offerings for the U.S. market will include the brand new Slider X 600 mouse and Over mouse pad. announced that it would join the likes of

The highly contoured X 600 sports a number of unusual features for a gaming mouse, including an incredibly tall profile and a mouse cord that exits from the side of the mouse rather than the top. It also comes with ceramic feet that make it easier to glide around on a mouse pad, and a mouse pad clip for keeping tangles at bay. At its core, a 3,200 DPI Cypress Ovation 1 laser sensor handles tracking the mouse’s movement with precision.

Not surprisingly, the Over mouse pad has been designed as a companion to the X 600, with a ceramic surface that spans 16.5 inches by 11.4 inches that Nova says works with the mouse’s laser detection to optimize response.

Both accessories will launch in the US in November, with estimated retail prices of $100 for the mouse and $40 for the pad.