Telltale’s latest episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ exposes The New Frontier

Telltale Games announced the latest chapter of its episodic adventure game series The Walking Dead: Season 3 will launch by the end of March and fans can expect answers to many long-standing questions.

Elgato Stream Deck promises a smoother streaming experience

Video capture hardware manufacturer Elgato has unveiled the Elgato Stream Deck, a live-stream-focused desktop keypad that maps common stream functions like scene-switching to customizable LED buttons.

Release window for next God of War game possibly leaked by lead voice actor

Christopher Judge, most well known for his time in the long running Stargate SG1 show, may have leaked the release date for the upcoming God of War game, suggesting that it will arrive in 2017.

Farewell, old friend: Blizzard retires name after 21 years

Blizzard held true to its promise to rename its service, finally ditching the 21-year-old moniker. In an effort to unify its naming conventions, it renamed the service to simply Blizzard.

Australia reverses ban on ‘Outlast 2’ after worldwide edit of challenged scenes

Outlast 2, the highly anticipated survival-horror sequel, will be released in Australia, a week after the ratings board initially refused it classification. The controversial sexual content has seemingly been deleted worldwide.

Professional animators comment on weird faces in 'Mass Effect Andromeda'

The strange facial animations some gamers have reported seeing in Mass Effect Andromeda, could be caused by a faulty automated script, rather than poor animations, according to a number of industry professionals.

Make the Switch to these battery packs and breathe more life into your Zelda playtime

With the power of an external battery pack, you can drastically increase the portable life of your Nintendo Switch. Here's how to choose a solid battery pack for your new portable powerhouse, along with a few recommendations.

‘Has-Been Heroes’ offers a unique and frustrating spin on roguelike genre for Switch players

Has-Been Heroes blends together the real-time strategy and action genres, but its chance-based difficulty limits the fun.
Product Review

Razer Blade (2017) Review

The ultra-sharp Razer Blade shaves off resolution to prolong powerful performance.
Virtual Reality

Arsetto Corsa adds native Vive and OSVR support with OpenVR

Arsetto Corsa now has official VR support for headsets other than the Oculus Rift. In its latest patch, the game now has native support for the HTC Vive and OSVR's various supported headsets, thanks to the OpenVR framework.

Creative Assembly teases a new Total War game with countdown timer

The official website for the Total War strategy game series has been altered to feature a countdown ending on March 31. There are a number of clues that might point to whatever this new announcement is.

'Injustice 2' will see the return of Black Adam

'Injustice 2' looks to be a worthy sequel to NetherRealm's original DC alternate-universe brawler. From returning characters to new gameplay mechanics, here is everything we know about the game so far.