World record! 14-year-old solves Rubik’s Cube record in under 5 seconds

Lucas Etter set a time of 4.90 seconds, which crushed the previous world record time of 5.25. That kind of time jump in the record is rare in the history of cube-solving.

Connection issues postpone the Rainbow Six Siege open beta

Rainbow Six Siege was scheduled to have an open beta this week, just days before its launch, but this might not happen thanks to ongoing connection and matchmaking issues. The game is scheduled to hit shelves next Tuesday.

Frag at Starbucks (or anywhere you want) with these potent gaming laptops

Gaming desktops are powerful, but they tie you down to your desk. We've round up some sleek, powerful alternatives that can play your favorite titles at high detail without breaking a sweat.

Federal judge throws out King of Kong star’s Cartoon Network lawsuit

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit former Donkey Kong world record holder Billy Mitchell filed against Cartoon Network over the alleged misuse of his physical likeness in the series Regular Show.

Retro City Rampage goes 16-bit in upcoming sequel Shakedown Hawaii 0:41

Indie studio VBlank Entertainment is developing a sequel to its Grand Theft Auto-like throwback action game Retro City Rampage, shifting away from the series' 8-bit origins in favor of more detailed 16-bit visuals.

Sony reveals 30 million PS4 sales since launch

Sony has revealed 30 million PS4 sales since launch, double Microsoft's 15.1 million Xbox One sales in the same time period. The news comes weeks before the holiday season rush, where several big titles are set to launch on PS4.

King’s Quest, Gauntlet free with PlayStation Plus in December 0:32

PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive free downloadable copies of King's Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember and Gauntlet: Slayer Edition as part of December's Instant Game Collection lineup, Sony announced today.
Cool Tech

This ridiculously awesome motion simulator is suspended in mid air by a series of cables 2:29

A new Virtual Reality rig called the Cable Robot Simulator boasts 348 kilowatts of drive power and gravitational acceleration of up to 1.5g. It is designed to enhance flight and driving simulations, and could be used clinically to…

Missing girl lived in Internet cafes, made money playing Crossfire

You might love gaming, but for one Chinese girl it was her lifeline for almost a decade. After running away from home at 14, she spent 10 years living in internet cafes, making money by teaching other people how to play Crossfire.

An unofficial app will soon let you stream PS4 games to your PC

An independent developer is working to make remote play between the PlayStation 4 and PC hardware a reality, but it remains to be seen whether Sony will block his efforts.

Samsung fan? Check out its Black Friday deals on tablets, phones, and more

Samsung's deals for Black Friday went live, a few days ahead of the big day. The company is offering hundreds of deals on wearables, TVs, tablets, and more. You can find most of its smartphone deals through the various carriers.
Game Review

Star Wars Battlefront Review

Undeniably epic in scope, Star Wars: Battlefront amazes even as it frustrates.