Microsoft demonstrates HoloLens with Project X-Ray

Microsoft showcased Project X-Ray, a mixed-reality HoloLens game, at this morning's Windows 10 devices event, and announced that applications for a $3,000 developer kit are set to begin today.

Dell’s ‘Oculus Ready’ PCs will pack Radeon R9 GPUs

AMD's LiquidVR appears to have appealed to Oculus the most, as Dell's Alienware systems that are certified, "Oculus Ready," will come packing AMD R9 GPUs. Announced as a large partnership among the trio of firms, the starting price for the…

Razer Music launches with tutorials, content sharing, and more for electronic artists

Razer isn't just about gaming. The company announced the launch of Razer Music Tuesday, a new platform featuring video tutorials, insight into music production, and artist features.

This insane GTA V ramp truck mod destroys all cars and lands on reddit’s front page

The Simple Trainer GTA V Mod has given birth to a new ruler of the game, and its name is the Omega Ramp. All bow before Omega Ramp. Such are the spawn of nefarious YouTuber BlackSmoke Billy: melded vehicles of mass destruction.

Rocket League has free Halloween DLC inbound

Psyonix's breakout hit Rocket League has more DLC incoming in October, with a paid update followed soon by a free infusion of limited-availability Halloween-themed rewards available to all players.

Criterion founders tease Burnout series ‘spiritual successor’

British indie developer Three Fields Entertainment announced plans to produce a "spiritual successor" to a popular racing game series, likely hinting at a Burnout revival for modern platforms.

The Pokemon Company demands $4K settlement from amateur fan party planner

The Pokemon Company has sued a self-proclaimed "huge Pokemon fan" who organized a themed party inspired by Nintendo's popular mascot characters, demanding a $4,000 settlement even after the event was canceled.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition brings couch co-op to PS4 and XB1 on Oct. 27 2:20

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is coming for the first time to PS4 and Xbox One on Oct. 27, with owners of the original PC version also receiving it as a complementary upgrade.

Mobile games have probably killed the PlayStation Vita 2, says Sony

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida says that mobile gaming has created an unhealthy climate for handheld consoles. The aging PS Vita will not see a successor at the end of its life cycle.

Stephen Colbert named a fish after himself in No Man’s Sky, and so can you!

No Man's Sky is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious games of all time, and Stephen Colbert got to see it in motion on the Late Show, naming a fish after himself as he explored several massive planets.

Zangief wrestles his way into Street Fighter V

Zangief returns with a new spin on his neck-breaking moves in Street Fighter V. The classic character was revealed in a video at the Russian gaming expo Igomir, beating up on M Bison.

Enterprising Facebook developers get Doom running on an Apple Watch

As the Apple Watch gets more software updates (specifically WatchOS 2), so its capabilities increase. After a 10-hour hackathon event, programmers from Facebook were able to port Doom over.