PlayStation Now will no longer be supported on a wide range of devices

On Wednesday, Sony announced PlayStation Now, its game streaming subscription service, will no longer be supported on a variety of devices starting in April. The move won't affect users on PS4 or Windows.

Oculus Rift: Common problems and how to fix them

The Rift offers a chance to explore virtual worlds, but the tech behind the headset comes with its own problems. Here, we've detailed some of the more common issues plaguing the device, along with a few steps for alleviating them.

EVGA offers 10 GTX 10-series graphics cards with its new iCX cooling tech

EVGA recently introduced its new iCS technology for cooling GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics cards. The tech includes nine embedded sensors, asynchronous fan control, visual temperature levels, holes in the cooling fins, and more.

Bots in ‘For Honor’ are using some next-level taunts that cut as deep as a katana

Players have discovered that the AI-controlled bots in For Honor have access to stinging taunts that players can't even get yet. Their only method of reprisal is getting so good at the game that the bots never win.
Movies & TV

Time to kill? These are the 101 best movies on Netflix

Save yourself from hours of scrolling and searching through Netflix's massive library by checking out this list of our favorite movies you can stream right now. No matter what genre you're looking for, you're bound to find something.

An ‘Overwatch’-‘GoldenEye’ crossover aims a Golden Gun right at your nostalgia

YouTuber Noilleber crafted the perfect crossover, one we didn't know we needed until now: GoldenEye 007 meets Overwatch. It hits anyone who played GoldenEye as a kid right on in the nostalgia.

Microsoft teases Xbox ‘Project Scorpio’ reveal coming at E3 2017

Microsoft has told Xbox fans to "brace for big news" at this year's E3 event in Los Angeles. It appears that the company is planning a full reveal for its upcoming 4K-capable Xbox console, code-named "Project Scorpio."

Nintendo Switch vs. Xbox One | Can the Switch best the Xbox One to possibly become your game platform of choice?

The Nintendo Switch is innovative enough to stand apart from traditional consoles, but could it become your primary gaming system? How does the Switch stack up against the Xbox One out of the gate?

'Fire Emblem: Heroes' update brings new chapter, with more expected to follow

Nintendo's free-to-play mobile game Fire Emblem: Heroes has updated with a new selection of playable heroes, along with an additional storyline chapter that runs parallel to the game's core campaign.

AMD’s Ryzen desktop processor box art, details, and pricing leak before launch

An online computer retailer briefly listed all 17 Ryzen desktop processors ahead of their early March launch window along with AMD's box art. Backing previous leaks, the listings show the processors selling between $199 and $499.

Zelda games in 2D are in the realm of possibility for the Nintendo Switch

Zelda series producer said in an interview that it is possible the teams behind recent 3DS Zelda games could bring their talents to the Nintendo Switch. He also said that those teams won't likely change styles.
Virtual Reality

Vive-like sensor spotted in new Sony patent could make its way to PlayStation VR

Sony may have drawn inspiration from HTC and Valve for the next iteration of its PlayStation VR tracking sensors. A newly published patent reveals a sensor system that looks very much like the Vive's Lighthouse units.