EA now renting out ‘Battlefield 1’ servers for roughly $300 annually

If you're a multiplayer gamer who would rather control your Battlefield 1 gaming environment, teams, and opponents, then EA will rent you a dedicated server for $300 a year for PCs.
Virtual Reality

A new mobile VR solution is coming to town: LeEco’s ExploreVR headset

During LeEco's press conference, the company revealed its intention in bringing its ExploreVR headset to the U.S. It will be compatible with the company's ecophones, following in the footsteps of Samsung and its Galaxy VR ecosystem.

Funcom's 'Hide and Shriek' will bring spooky fun to PC gamers this Halloween

Funcom will launch a multiplayer game called Hide and Shriek. The game will pit one player against another in a match to generate the most scares. Each player is invisible, making the attempt to scare the other player difficult.

‘Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS’ seems great for players, less so for creators

'Super Mario Maker' for Nintendo 3DS brings nearly everything from the Wii U, but leaves creators somewhat stranded.

Our favorite gaming desktops make the latest consoles look pathetic

They won't come cheap, but with top-tier performance and speed, these systems are our favorite for getting your game on.

Close to the Metal Ep. 17: Can you really live with just one USB port? 34:10

Axing ports has become a trend in modern device design, including laptops. Some of the best new laptops have just one or two USB Type-C ports. Can you really get by with one port, and if so, how? We take a closer look.

Check out all the GeForce GTX 1050, 1050 Ti cards that arrive later this month

Here is a list of cards that will be based on Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti graphics chips. Individual card pricing is not yet known for most of the hardware, but everything else is out in the open.

Voice actor: Yes, that 'Wolfenstein: The New Colossus' tease at E3 was real

'Wolfenstein: The New Order' will be getting a sequel, according to voice actor Brian Bloom. The actor appeared to confirm fans' speculation that the game was teased during Bethesda's E3 2016 conference.

‘Amnesia: Collection’ announced for PlayStation 4 with YouTuber-heavy trailer

Amnesia: Collection is coming to PlayStation 4 in November and bundles together three games to create a pants-soiling experience. The game's trailer showcases several YouTubers playing the original game.

Technical issues force ‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ delay, says original game’s creator

Beyond Good & Evil 2 appears to be back in full development, but earlier attempts to make the game were plagued with technical issues according to Ubisoft Montpellier director Michel Ancel.

All the PlayStation VR games we’ve played so far, ranked

With PlayStation VR launching very soon, we’ve started compiling impressions of the launch library as its first games become available. Here are our initial impressions thus far, including our take on 'SuperHyperCube' and other titles.

Asus VG245H monitor focuses on console gamers despite FreeSync support

Asus quietly launched the VG245H, a 24-inch display packing two HDMI inputs and AMD's FreeSync technology. It is aimed at console gamers despite its PC roots, packing a fast response time and a full-HD resolution at a 75Hz refresh rate.