Virtual Reality

Oculus DRM breaks hack that made Rift exclusives playable on other headsets

It was fun while it lasted. Oculus Rift exclusive titles no longer work on the HTC Vive VR platform. An updated to the Oculus App broke the workaround, meaning anyone who bought Rift games can only play them on a Rift.

Evil businessmen and shiny things! Playtonic goes deep into the world of ‘Yooka-Laylee’

Developer Playtonic has just revealed a ton of new information on its platformer (and Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor) Yooka-Laylee, including its cast of supporting characters and story.

AMD will reveal Polaris updates, A-Series chips, and more during Computex 2016

AMD confirmed this week that it's holding a press event to reveal new products during the Computex 2016 show, not before. The event will be live-streamed to the company's dedicated Computex page and its investors page. AMD is expected to…

Fun for everyone: How Naughty Dog made ‘Uncharted 4’ accessible for disabled gamers

Naughty Dog worked with disabled gamer advocate Josh Straub to make Uncharted 4 a more accessible experience, complete with new controller options that eliminate the need for button mashing.

Houzz takes the crown as the Best App at the Google Play Awards

Google live-streamed the first-ever Google Play Awards yesterday at Google I/O. The company picked 10 winners across varying categories, ranging from most innovative, to best standout startup.

Leaked poster reveals new ‘Destiny’ expansion, ‘Rise of Iron’

Destiny fans have finally gotten a nugget of information about the next expansion planned for the game, as promotional materials for the DLC have been leaked to the internet. Rise of Iron is expected to launch this fall.
Virtual Reality

New IMAX theaters may trade in massive screens for this VR headset

IMAX and Starbreeze have partnered for "destination-based VR" using the latter company's StarVR headset. The venture will bring games like John Wick VR to movie theaters and other complexes.
Product Review

ZyXEL AC2200 MU-MIMO router Review

Zyxel’s NBG6815 router is an affordable solution to your Wi-Fi woes

Microsoft dishing out $500 bonuses to some developers who port Buildbox games to Windows 10

Microsoft and Vungle have teamed up with Buildbox to dish out $500 to developers who port their Buildbox-based games to Windows 10. However, there are a few rules, such as choosing Vungle as the sole in-app advertiser, generating…

‘Gran Turismo Sport’ revs up for November launch on PlayStation 4

Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi announced that a new entry in Sony's long-running Gran Turismo racing sim series will launch worldwide for the PlayStation 4 later this year.

Windows 95, Duke Nukem 3D are strange bedfellows on the Xbox One console

A developer has ported DOSBox over to Microsoft's universal app platform for Windows and shows that Windows 95, Duke Nukem 3D, and a Super Nintendo emulator can run on the Xbox One. The framerates are rather slow right now but…