Zelda’s Ganondorf has a last name, whether you like it or not

Ganondorf, the famous villain of the Zelda franchise, now has an official last name, and it's unfortunately not just "Ganondorf." The name is listed on the official Zelda online guide.

Combat is the star of the show in the latest 'The Surge' trailer

The Surge is shaping up to be a frenetic action role-playing game, with several weapon types to choose from and aggressive enemies that are more than capable of destroying you in seconds.
Virtual Reality

'Farpoint' for PSVR goes gold alongside a new story trailer

Farpoint is the PSVR exclusive that Sony hopes will help launch its Aim controller and bring in a fresh shooter crowd to the VR platform. The game has now gone gold and alongside that news, we have a brand-new story trailer.

‘Micro Machine World Series’ first gameplay footage shown in trailer

Codemasters has released the first in-game trailer of Micro Machines World Series, the first game of the franchise in more than a decade, and it comes complete with a brand new battle mode.

Challenge your friends to come up with the perfect response GIF with this new iMessage game

Zynga's latest iMessage game combines Cards Against Humanity-style gameplay with the power of GIFs to spice up your group conversations, and it's available to download now for free.

Did you know that cockroaches really love your PS4?

Did you know that your PlayStation 4 may be doubling up as a cockroach motel? The warm interior of the console makes it an ideal home for the critters, though in some cases they can end up breaking the machine.
Social Media

Spaces isn’t worth shelling out for an Oculus Rift, but it’s more social than Facebook itself

Facebook has finally unveiled its grand plan for social virtual reality – Facebook Spaces. Will you ditch real life to hang out with your friends in VR?
Product Review

MSI Trident 3 Review

MSI’s Trident 3 proves gaming PCs belong in the living room.

‘Persona 5’ confidants and romance guide: Here’s who to hang with

It can be hard to know who to hang out with in Persona 5. Who provides the most benefits? Who's a romantic interest? Here's everything you need to know about confidants and romance options in Persona 5.

AMD quietly launches entry-level Radeon RX 540 mobile graphics chip

AMD has published a product page for its newest mobile graphics option, the Radeon RX 540, which will join the Radeon 500 series and offer better-than-integrated graphics performance and not much more.

The best adventure games you can play on PC

The PC has received a tremendous amount of adventure games over the years. Here are a few of our favorites, from the all-time classics like 'Myst' to sleeper hits like 'Life is Strange.'
Product Review

Aukey KM-C4 Review

The Aukey KM-C4 is a budget mouse shipped with budget software.