Product Review

Razer Blade (2016) Review

Slinging Razer's sleek Blade won't break your back, might wound your wallet.

Corsair’s Bulldog, Lapdog take a bite out of the gaming console competition

Corsair launched two new products on Wednesday: the Bulldog DIY kit for system builders and the Lapdog, a lapboard for PC gaming on the couch. Full Bulldog systems are arriving in Q3 2016 while the current DIY kit includes a…

‘Mighty No. 9’ trailer sparks fan outrage weeks away from launch

Following up on a series of delays and development setbacks, Kickstarter-funded platformer Mighty No. 9 suffered another wave of fan backlash today with the launch of a poorly received trailer that failed to paint the game in a…

Why obsessed hockey fans are updating 'NHL 2004' every single year

On the Internet, active communities can pop up around anything -- even updating a 13-year-old hockey game long since abandoned by the company that made it. Meet NHL 2004 Rebuilt, the best hockey game you've never heard of.
Virtual Reality

BigScreen’s update lets you ditch the mouse for motion controls on Vive

Virtual reality is so much better when we can interact with it naturally, which is why the addition of HTC Vive controllers to the BigScreen social VR experience is such big news. Now, you can go totally mouse-free, letting you…

That’s extra: Leon and Chris are paid DLC in ‘Umbrella Corps’

If you want to play as your favorite Resident Evil characters in Capcom's Umbrella Corps, it's going to cost you at least $10 extra. The "deluxe edition" includes favorites like Chris, Leon, and Barry for use in the game's…

The tables have turned: Enemies can loot you in ‘Loot Rascals’

Loot Rascals, the latest game from Hohokum developer Hollow Ponds, is a loot-fest with a twist: the enemies can loot you, and your items can get transferred to another player, who will then become your sworn enemy.
Virtual Reality

Valve gives developers access to the Vive’s front-facing camera

Valve wants to give developers all the tools they need to create great virtual reality experiences, and to that end the company has opened up access to the Vive's front-facing camera.

Corsair’s new memory kit built for Asus ROG motherboards boasts blazing clock speed

Corsair introduced a Dominator Platinum ROG Edition memory kit with four 4GB DDR4 sticks designed specifically for Asus ROG Intel 100 Series motherboards. These sticks boast a clock speed up to 3,333MHz.
Movies & TV

New 'Creating Warcraft' featurette looks at adapting the game to film

Turning a popular game franchise like Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft into a movie is no small feat. In a new featurette, director Duncan Jones and other crew members open up about adapting the game to film.

Thermaltake ditches mechanical keys to build an affordable, feature-packed keyboard

Tt eSPORTS launched the Challenger Edge, a gaming keyboard with membrane keys that packs plenty of features for a very low price. The company has positioned it as the affordable alternative to extravagant mechanical keyboards.
Virtual Reality

Which VR headset should you spring for? We tried them all, and the winner is clear

Virtual reality is finally going mainstream, but which headset is right for your needs and budget? Check out a few of our favorites, whether you want the best of the best or a budget-based alternative that's specifically designed for your…