‘Hawken’ and its extensive lore launch for free next month on consoles

Hawken, the long-in-development mech shooter from Reloaded Games, hits PlayStation 4 on July 8, and an Xbox One release looks like it's coming even sooner. Though it's free-to-play, the team has spent a considerable amount of…

Weekly Rewind: 3D-printed baby skulls, YouTube live, a wicked quick Swiss EV

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech…

Frag at Starbucks (or anywhere you want) with these potent gaming laptops

Gaming desktops are powerful, but they tie you down to your desk. We've round up some sleek, powerful alternatives that can play your favorite titles at high detail without breaking a sweat.

Quitters Never Win: Leave mid-game in Overwatch too often and you could be banned for a season

Serious gamers playing Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch will start seeing penalties for leaving mid-game, once the beta version of Competitive Play mode is released to the public.

'Manifold Garden' creator William Chyr wants you to think in three dimensions

We spoke with artist-turned-developer William Chyr on the floor of E3 about his mind-bending puzzle game, 'Manifold Garden,' and how the film Inception inspired him to combine his passions for physics and installation art.

‘Mafia III’ is like GTA with consequences

Mafia III infuses the open-world, third-person action of GTA with a socio-politically charged setting and a strategic metagame that aim to make it an unforgettable cinematic adventure.

RZA’s next album will be a masterpiece of old-school Atari remixes

Iconic Wu-Tang Clan founder and producer RZA has some plans for Atari's classic video game soundtracks. He has partnered with the company to create an entire album based on its famed bleeps and bloops.
Virtual Reality

Oculus drops DRM check from Store software, leaving modders free to play games on Vive

Oculus VR has updated its Home software, taking the surprising step of removing the headset check from its DRM. That means that modders can make games work on the Vive or other headsets, which may mend some bridges in the community.
Virtual Reality

Oculus’ head of content thinks VR exclusives are better for everyone

Oculus has been aggressive in its recent attempts to secure exclusive games, and now the company's head of content has aired his thoughts on why it's good not just for Oculus, but for VR as an industry.

Get your GPUs ready: New DX12 3Dmark demo is just around the corner

As you might expect from any graphical demo produced by futuremark, the trailer for its new 3Dmark demo is astoundingly pretty. It even includes just about every one of the 3Dmark demos from its history in glass cases.

Can’t go too fast: Nintendo is giving away ‘Mario & Sonic’ prizes to active fans

Mario & Sonic are competing in this year's Olympic games, and Nintendo is giving you a chance to compete, as well, with a chance to win some sweet prizes. Take a picture of yourself playing an Olympic sport like soccer or beach…

Bolivian rebels can help take down the cartel in ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’

Ghost Recon Wildlands will feature a systemic, player-driven open world, and by freeing rebels locked up at cartel strongholds, you can help the people of Bolivia take back their country.