Close to the Metal ep 31: Steam is changing the game for indie developers

Steam is ditching Greenlight in favor of a more direct-to-consumer approach, so we're sitting down with a Greenlight developer to see how that change will affect gamemakers and promoted.

Longtime Tales producer joins Square Enix, will helm RPG from new subsidiary

Square Enix has announced Project Prelude Rune, an upcoming RPG from Studio Istolia, a new subsidiary focused on telling rich stories. Hideo Baba, longtime producer of the Tales franchise, will serve as studio head.

‘Street Fighter V’ load times almost disappear with new mod

Street Fighter V is a fun game involving tactical brawling action, but the load times during character select and elsewhere can be aggravating. One modder has found a way around it though and load times have disappeared.

‘Full Metal Furies’ is a high-speed brawler from the creators of ‘Rogue Legacy’ 1:42

Full Metal Furies, the latest game from Rogue Legacy studio Cellar Door Games, promises to flip the brawler genre on its head. The game is out for Xbox and PC this year and supports Xbox Play Anywhere.

'Halo Wars 2' launches without a ranked multiplayer mode — here's why

Halo Wars 2 launched today on both Xbox One and PC without ranked multiplayer. The development team explained why in a "20 questions" blog post on the official Halo Waypoint website.

‘For Honor’ dueling guide: How to be the last hero standing

The dueling mode in 'For Honor' exclusively involves the game's intuitive battle system, but engaging in one-on-one battles is more challenging than it may seem. Here are nine tips and tricks to up your chances in these duels to the death.

‘The Binding of Isaac’ won’t be available for the Nintendo Switch on day one

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ won't be ready in time for the Nintendo Switch launch day, March 3, but the game's developer is adding bonuses to its physical release to make up for the delay.

‘For Honor’ Beginner’s Guide: Best practices for becoming a melee master

'For Honor' is more complicated than your traditional hack-and-slash game. From the title's tricky controls to its rock-paper-scissors-style combat, there's much to learn. Thankfully, these tips and tricks should help you master "The Art of…

Work out at home with our 10 favorite pieces of indoor fitness gear

You don't have to hibernate like a bear during the winter months unless you want to. This fitness equipment can help you convert your spare bedroom into a home gym, whether you're looking to do muscle training or cardio.

Here’s every PC game with Tobii eye tracking support

Tobii's eye tracking technology allows you to control games with nothing more than your gaze. Here are the games that currently support it, as well as the features you can expect to use in them.

AOC's newest curved monitors fit the bill for gamers and creative pros

APC has announced two new curved monitors that help round out its lineup. The AGON AG322QCX and AGON QG272FCX are well-rounded displays that can meet the needs of both gamers and creative professionals.

Nvidia will probably flash its GTX 1080 Ti graphics card at GDC 2017 next week

Unnamed sources claim Nvidia will officially launch the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card between March 20 and March 23. That indicates the card will be revealed during Nvidia's GeForce GTX Gaming Celebration event at GDC 2017.