Advertising Standards Authority: ‘No Man’s Sky’ ads were not misleading

The U.K.-based Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that Hello Games and Valve did not mislead consumers with advertisements for No Man's Sky. An investigation into the game began back in September.

YouTube blacksmiths forge real-life version of Genji’s sword from ‘Overwatch’

The talented team of blacksmiths and craftsmen behind the popular YouTube series Man at Arms: Recrafted are no stranger to video game weaponry, and now the crew has turned its attention to Overwatch.

A modder dressed up Laura from 'Street Fighter V' as the new 'Overwatch' heroine

Blizzard's Sombra, who joined the Overwatch lineup in October, is now a playable character in Capcom's Street Fighter V for the PC -- unofficially. This is a modification of the Laura character created by a modder named THEJAMK.

An ‘Overwatch’ player just passed level 1,800, all it took was 17 hours a day

'Overwatch' player Tazzerk recently announced he broke the level 1,800 barrier and posted the resulting golden portrait packing five stars. Naturally, he's not stopping there and plans to hit the top 500 in season three.

Colorful to unleash its monstrous Kudan based on the GTX 1080 graphics card

Reports stemming from Colorful's recent weekend-long event reveal that the company will launch a four-slot GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card in a month or two. The details surrounding this monster are unknown outside its reported max boost…

EA gives fans a free look at 'Titanfall 2' multiplayer mode this weekend

Electronic Arts is kicking off a free trial weekend for Titanfall 2 this Friday, letting first-person shooter fanatics get a taste of the game's mech-piloting multiplayer action across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PCs.
Virtual Reality

Valve wants to make HTC Vive cheaper by simplifying tracking components

Valve is currently seeking alternative construction methods for its SteamVR Tracking Base Stations, with the aim of reducing HTC Vive costs significantly by removing unnecessary components.

Gotta catch … 100 million? ‘Pokémon Sun’ and ‘Moon’ developer challenges players

Pokémon series developer Game Freak issued a worldwide challenge for 'Pokémon Sun' and 'Moon' players that will put their creature-taming skills to the test and participants will receive in-game rewards as an incentive.

Multiplayer 'Lego Worlds' will hit PC and consoles in February 2017

Lego Worlds, the brick-building open world game from TT Games and Warner Bros., will finally hit console and PC with a full launch in 2017. The game launched earlier through Steam Early Access.

Universal and Nintendo are bringing you a real-life 'Nintendo Land'

Universal and Nintendo have announced a partnership that will bring Nintendo-themed attractions to Universal theme parks. Parks in Japan, Hollywood, and Orlando have been announced thus far.

'The Last Guardian' creator includes a heartfelt message with media kits

The Last Guardian director Fumito Uedo included a heartfelt message with media kits for the game, addressing the game's rocky development. The wait will finally be over on December 6.

Foundation Update for ‘No Man’s Sky’ may also have a dune buggy

Hello Games has released The Foundation Update for No Man's Sky, the first of a series of patches that will apparently bring the game closer to the experience many were expecting when it launched in August.