‘The Last of Us’ patch removes functioning phone sex number from in-game posters

The latest patch for Naughty Dog's 'The Last of Us' strips out working phone sex numbers that were accidentally printed on in-game signage. The update also improves and makes fixes to a number of multiplayer issues.
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Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded Review

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded review.

The results are in: MLG Spring Championship 2013 concludes with record setting attendance

The winners in 'Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm,' 'League of Legends,' and 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' took home a total of $50,000 in front of a record setting audience of 21,000 fans.

Precursor Games co-founder arrested on child pornography charges

Ken McCulloch, one of the founders of Precursor Games, was arrested in his Canada home on three counts of child pornography. Precursor founder Paul Caporicci quickly addressed the matter by distancing the company from the now-former…

Jetsetter: Australia, censorship, and the banning of ‘Saints Row IV’

This week in Jetsetter, Australia bans Saints Row IV, continuing that country's struggle with censorship even after the introduction of the R18+ rating. Meanwhile, the Japanese company behind Persona is in trouble and one Indian developer…

A look inside Major League Gaming’s 2013 Spring Championship

The latest in Major League Gaming's 2013 tournament tour takes it to sunny California, where gamers mingle with their icons just down the street from "the happiest place on Earth."

Netflix gamifies content recommendations on the PS3 with “Max”

Looking for a new way to encourage more Netflix Instant users to use ratings tools, Netflix is launching a voice assistant called Max on the PlayStation 3 which is tied into a batch of mini-games.

The hard road facing a Google video game console

Rumors suggest that Google is developing its own Android-powered game console. Will it compete with small-frys like Ouya? Take on the Big Three? Either way, it'll need some kind of hook.

Time Warner Cable app coming to Xbox 360 with 300 live channels for subscribers

Microsoft and Time Warner Cable partner up to bring a TWC app to Xbox 360, offering subscribers with Xbox Live Gold membership access to as many as 300 channels, including favorites like Comedy Central and CNN.

Double Fine’s ‘Massive Chalice’ closes Kickstarter with $1.2 million

Double Fine's second Kickstarter campaign closes at $1.2 million, nearly double its funding goal. 'Massive Chalice' is said to blend 'XCOM,' 'Fire Emblem,' 'FF Tactics,' and 'Game of Thrones' in a generation-spanning strategy game.

Microsoft working to solve Xbox One headset compatibility based on feedback

Microsoft responds to fan feedback concerning the Xbox One's lack of compatibility with Xbox 360 accessories. The company's support Twitter feed indicates that a solution is in the works, and will be revealed by launch.
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Hardware push: Google creating smartwatch, game console and new Nexus Q, report says

Google is reportedly planning to bring a number of devices to market sooner rather than later – including a smartwatch – partly in an effort to prevent Apple dominating with similar products as it did with the early launches of its…