Jetsetter: Nintendo’s import future lies in the arts rather than games

This week in Jetsetter, we find Nintendo easing down on its across the board region-locking of the Nintendo 3DS. The first cartridge playable on any console highlights Nintendo's history in the arts and the evolving role of handheld gaming…

Best PSN Games

The bustling game selection on the PlayStation Network is a testament to Sony's commitment to both digital delivery methods and indie game developers. Check out our hand-picked selection of the best PSN games for some of the best titles on…

‘Peggle 2’ brings its addictive nature to the Xbox One

PopCap Games finally makes with more Peggle. The Xbox One-exclusive Peggle 2 is all the sequel you could ask for, with new Masters, powerful new abilities, fresh fields of pegs to destroy, and a full soundtrack of Fever music.

Paul Walker, of ‘Fast and Furious’ fame, killed in car crash

Los Angeles County Police Department confirmed that film star Paul Walker was killed in car wreck in Valencia, California at 3:30 PM Saturday. Walker, star of the 'Fast and Furious' film franchise was 40 years old.
Product Review

MOGA Ace Power Review

MOGA Ace Power review.

Best Xbox Live Arcade games

The Xbox Live Arcade has been around for nearly a decade, but it hasn't always been the indie and blockbuster powerhouse it is today. Check out our top picks for the best Xbox Live Arcade games so you can download a great title that won't…

The 10 weirdest computer peripherals ever made

Did you think everyone uses a keyboard and mouse? Think again! There have been literally hundreds of unusual peripherals made for the PC over the years. Some are useful, some are strange, while others are...downright disturbing.

A look at what lies ahead for Final Fantasy

Digital Trends sit down for a chat with Yoshinori Kitase and Yuji Abe, two of the foremost creative minds currently working to shape Final Fantasy, on what's ahead for the quarter-century old series.

The future of gaming (still) belongs to consoles

With the launch of every new gaming console, a vocal contingent of PC supremacists claim this will be the generation when PC gaming takes over. They are still wrong.

How to check your PC’s framerate, or FPS, when playing video games

Ever wondering how you can keep an eye on your gaming system's FPS? We know that that's a crucial benchmark, which is why we're showing you how you can constantly track that stat while gaming on your PC.

Your first look at the PS4 exclusive ‘Basement Crawl’

The strategic action multiplayer from developer Bloober Team ‘Basement Crawl’ is heading to the PlayStation 4 during the system’s launch window, sometime in 2013.

Join us as Madden picks the games of the week, live on Twitch

We live stream three football games via ‘Madden 25’ on the PlayStation 4 using the Twitch app: the Ravens vs Steelers, Chiefs vs Broncos, and Saints vs. Seahawks. Join us!