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Samsung Series 7 Gamer 700G7A Review

Samsung Series 7 Gamer 700G7A Review.

Square Enix apologizes for short-lived Hitman ad campaign

Square Enix rolled out yet another poorly planned attempt at advertising Hitman: Absolution again, one that it was forced to remove less than an hour later.

USPTO denies Microsoft’s application for Killer Instinct trademark

Microsoft hyped up old school fighting game fans in September when it announced it was refiling its trademark for Killer Instinct, but the USPTO has denied the application due to a cancelled Fox TV show.

Under Defeat HD review: The shooter preservationist society

G.Rev's Under Defeat HD is a period piece in the best possible way, a polished recreation of a cult classic but also an ideal specimen of a lost gaming craft. They simply don't make shooters like this anymore, and this game demonstrates why…

Watch a beaded, stop-motion Mario take on reality

Using beads, heat and stop-motion animation, two amateur Nintendo fans were able to bridge the Mushroom Kingdom and our reality, forcing Mario to tackle the real world.

Windows 8 is a video game industry failure according to Valve and the NPD Group

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell called Windows 8 a "catastrophe" earlier this year. After more than a month on shelves, Microsoft's new operating system has certainly lived up to Newell's words in the gaming industry.

The Walking Dead hits retail in one week

Come December 11, those of you who've skipped the episodic digital releases of Telltale's brilliant adventure game adaptation of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead will finally be able to pick up a disc containing all five chapters of the…

Motorola loses battle to ban Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in US and Germany

Microsoft won a crucial battle in its ongoing patent war with Motorola this week as an International Trade Commission judge rules that the Xbox 360 won't be banned from sale in the US and Germany.

Rumor: Darkseid plays the villain in Justice League movie

Will the Justice League square off against the intergalactic villainy of Darkseid in their inevitable feature film debut? Latino Review certainly seems to think so.

Nintendo: Wii U won’t come with necessary firmware until 2013

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently apologized for the massive mandatory firmware update needed for new Wii U consoles. The company won't have a solution to the problem until well into the new year according to NoA's Reggie Fils-Aime.

If you liked Cut the Rope, you’re gonna love Pudding Monsters

After over 250 million downloads of its first title, Cut the Rope, ZeptoLabs is finally ready to try something new. Pudding Monsters will be released on December 20 on iOS and Android. New graphics and gameplay promise to make it just as…

Irrational Games hires BioShock Infinite cosplayer to be game’s mascot

Most people who dress up like video game characters at conventions do it for the love. In the case of one Anna Moleva, dressing up like a BioShock Infinite character actually landed her a job as the game's mascot.