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Lumines Electronic Symphony review

Every good gaming hardware launch needs a puzzle game, and Ubisoft’s Lumines is there for the Vita.


Michael Jackson: The Experience HD review

When a dancing game cuts out the dancing, something is wrong in the world.


Super Stardust Delta review

It's not a system seller on its own, but Housemarque's Super Stardust Delta is must-own material if you're picking up a PlayStation Vita at launch.


Classic board games are getting a technology-infused revamp

Hasbro is gearing up its classic games Monopoly, Battleship and The Game of Life for a 21st century upgrade as it incorporates iOS apps into a fresh new way to play.

Cool Tech

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Review

Bend Studios nails Naughty Dog's formula for Uncharted: Golden Abyss, bringing the PlayStation 3 series to Sony's new Vita handheld with all of the necessary nods to the new gadgets unique features.


Call of Duty: Police Warfare isn’t real, but we wish it was

Fan-made trailer for L.A.P.D.-based Call of Duty game makes strong case for "Police Warfare" spinoff.


THQ wants more than just new gamers for UFC Undisputed 3, it wants new fans

With UFC Undisputed 3, THQ is hoping to keep its primary fan base happy by mixing the real and the digital, while also introducing the sport to a whole new audience.


Sony PlayStation Vita Review

Sony’s handheld gaming device is clearly the most technically superior gaming device that you can throw in your pocket.

  • Pros: Beautiful OLED display , Responsive touchscreen , Dual…
  • Cons: Weak battery life , Browser lacks Flash or HTML5 support…

Angry Birds lands on Facebook a day early

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like smashing feathery friends into a pile of swine, now that Angry Birds is available for play on Facebook.


Grand Theft Auto IV mod gives the game’s 2008 graphics a 2012 feel

Ultra-realistic graphic mod will make you forget that Grand Theft Auto IV is almost four years old.


The Darkness II Review

The Darkness II is an incredible game featuring unique gameplay mechanics, a visually impressive look, and a story that should thrill comic book fans. If only there were more of it.


Omerta: City of Gangsters review

Omerta: City of Gangsters could have really been something special because of its novel premise and potentially deep gameplay, but none of that matters thanks to the game's lack of…

  • Pros: A good idea for a game , A variety of mission types
  • Cons: The game feels dated , Cover system is broken , So many bugs…

The Rise and Fall, and hopeful rebirth of THQ

Following major layoffs, long time publisher and developer THQ is in an incredibly precarious position. Is it too late to turn things around, or is there still hope?


Is January’s sharp drop in retail sales a plea for new gaming options?

January 2012 has seen one of the sharpest drops in retail gaming sales since 2004. Could this be a sign that gamers are restless for a new console, or even a new way of gaming?


Activision Blizzard pushes 2012 Diablo III release to Q2, new Call of Duty coming

The greatest trick Diablo pulled was making us think this game would be launched. Is Activision leading us on with a possible Q2 release? Also, Call of Duty is getting a new installment sometime this year.