Thedas was wracked by Garden Warfare in this Dragon Age: Inquisition easter egg

Eagle-eyed gamer FioraAeterna tweeted an easter egg in the Dragon Age: Inquisition codex that refers to Plants vs. Zombies, PopCap's tower defense series, also published by EA.
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AVADirect Z97 Quiet Gaming Review

The Z97 Quiet Gaming is the obvious choice if you want to play PC games in peace.

Lost and X-Men stars join the cast of Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break [updated]

Lost star Dominic Monaghan and X-Men: Days of Future Past actor Shawn Ashmore appear to be filming appearances in Quantum Break, if the screengrab of a now-deleted tweet is to be believed.

Ubisoft provides workaround for Assassin’s Creed Unity glitch causing crashes

In response to a reported bug that causes Assassin's Creed Unity to crash at the main menu when pressing Continue, Ubisoft has issued a workaround: delete your friends.

Here are the nominations for The Game Awards 2014

Producer Geoff Keighley announced the nominees for the first Game Awards, a recently-announced annual award show similar to Spike TV's Video Game Awards.
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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U delivers spectacular melee action far beyond brawl.

Here are some tips to get you started in the wilds of Far Cry 4’s Kyrat

Some handy tips to help you survive your early hours in Far Cry 4's Kyrat. Take down Bell Towers, help friends in need, shoot up Outposts, and use smart cars!

Achievement Unlocked: What if Pac Man for Atari 2600 were released today?

A clever new video imagines what Pac Man for the Atari 2600, originally released in 1982, would look like if the industry worked like it does today.

Microsoft celebrates Black Friday with $150 off Surface Pro 3, Xbox, and PCs

Microsoft is getting in the holiday spirit with a ton of Black Friday deals. The company offers discounts on Surface tablets, mobile devices, PCs, the Xbox One, and more.

Elite: Dangerous offline single player mode axed, refunds offered

David Braben angered fans when he announced that Elite: Dangerous, his long-in-development open world space sim, would no longer include an offline single player mode.

Do you have the requirement for velocity? Need For Speed No Limits goes mobile

EA has teamed up with pro rally racer Ken Block to announce Need For Speed No Limit, a mobile racing game currently under development by Australian studio Firemonkeys.

Time to finally find out what happened to Stringer Bell: HBO Go arrives on Xbox One

HBO's streaming service, HBO Go, has finally arrived as an app for Xbox One, giving thousands of gamers access to top programming like True Detective, Game of Thrones and The Wire.