Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor makes mortal enemies one week earlier

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment pushes up the release date for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor by one week. The game now arrives on September 30 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and on October 2 for PC, via Steam.

BioWare teases a Nightmare with a live-action ‘You’ve Been Chosen’ creepfest

BioWare's 'Nightmare teaser' hints at a new reveal at Gamescom for what appears to be a horror game. The short, creepy video features a man trapped in a nightmare dreamscape.
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Maingear Torq Review

Maingear Torq review.

Destiny beta now open to all, no code required

Bungie opens up the Destiny beta to all players, removing the need to have a download code. The beta is set to end on July 27, so get in time while you can.

Google may purchase Twitch for $1 billion

Google will purchase streaming video network Twitch for $1 billion, according to a GamesBeat report. Unknown is when the deal will be announced or for exactly how much. Google and Twitch have yet to comment on the report.

San Diego Comic Con offers up a first look at Halo: Nightfall

Halo fans in attendance at 2014's Comic Con International in San Diego got their first look at Halo: Nightfall, the episodic series produced by Ridley Scott that bridges the events between Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. Now you can see it…

2K teases a return to BioShock’s Rapture

This morning the 2K United Kingdom Twitter account posted a teasing image and message hinting that we'll somehow return to BioShock's Rapture at some point in the near future.
Gaming adds Linux support

Good Old Games, purveyor of fine, aged, DRM-free PC games, has delivered early on its promise to support Linux games, with over 50 games now available, many of which are on sale.
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Uncharted movie gets a release date

Columbia Pictures announced that Nathan Drake's adventures will arrive on the big screen June 10, 2016, in the long-awaited, live-action Uncharted movie.

Battlefield 4’s Final Stand DLC release delayed

The release of the Battlefield 4 DLC add-on Final Stand is delayed into the final months of 2014 not even 24 hours after Battlefield: Hardline's 2015 push.

Need Titanfall Burn Cards? I know a guy

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has introduced a new Black Market for Titan Insignias and Burn Card packs, along with an in-game currency to spend there.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes flies in on September 23

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is set for release on September 24, with a pre-order campaign netting gamers a bonus Marvel character figurine for use in the game.