The Vita has a new contender with Killzone: Mercenary

We go hands on with the PlayStation Vita exclusive first-person shooter, Killzone: Mercenary. While the Vita has yet to reach its potential, games like Mercenary go a long way towards realizing it.

Nvidia releases GeForce GTX 770 for $400, boasts 65 percent upgrade from 2011’s GTX 570

Nvidia adds one more to its desktop GPU line with the reveal and release of the GeForce GTX 770, a $400 graphics card that bests the performance of 2012's GTX 680 flagship and boasts the fastest memory speed in the GTX series.
Game Review

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Review

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger review.

Driver: San Francisco dev reportedly working on racing sim The Crew

Ubisoft Reflections, the studio behind Driver: San Francisco, reportedly has a realistic racing simulator currently in development for next-gen platforms, called The Crew. An E3 2013 reveal is expected.

Microsoft plans to drop a cool billion on creating first party games

Microsoft is prepared to invest heavily in games during the coming console generation, company execs Don Mattrick and Phil Spencer revealed. The Xbox One maker is working to win gamers over after the console's heavily criticized debut.

ESA nails 5 million for copyright infringement

A report looking at the Entertainment Software Association's 2012 anti-piracy efforts reveals that the 3.4 million takedown notices sent out by the organization last year had a 96-percent success rate, with roughly 5.2 million offending…

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger review: Tall tales

Techland gives the Call of Juarez series a much-needed shot of quality in Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, a download-only first-person shooter with an original approach to story and beautifully stylized graphics.

Blizzard’s ‘Titan’ MMO undergoes ‘large design and technology changes’

Blizzard Entertainment's long-in-development MMORPG, codenamed 'Tita,' is to be torn down and rebuilt as the size of the development is pared down and release hopes reportedly slip to 2016 or beyond.

‘The Evil Within’ first look: Being afraid while playing games is a good thing

Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks showed off the first extended look of their new survival horror game from the creator of Resident Evil, the bloody and exciting ‘The Evil Within.’