Unanswered questions from the Xbox One launch

Microsoft's Xbox One announcement not surprisingly leaves many questions in its wake. We can't answer them all just yet, but we can run through the big ones that fans are looking for answers to.

Oculus VR adds ex-Valve engineer and noted robotics researcher to team

The Oculus VR team currently creating the Oculus Rift virtual reality gaming headset adds two new full-time members to the team, include an ex-Valve engineer and a world-renowned robotics expert.

The new Kinect will eventually watch you from a PC

Two Microsoft executives independently confirmed that the next-gen Kinect sensor will eventually arrive on Windows PC. Details are nonexistent, but one promised that more will be revealed "soon."

Crytek’s hack-and-slash game ‘Ryse’ now an Xbox One exclusive

Ryse originally debuted at E3 2010, but now it's an Xbox One exclusive that uses a controller and the new Kinect simultaneously. More is expected to be revealed at E3 2013.

EA will reveal its plans for Star Wars at E3

EA will give "a first look" at its plans for Star Wars at E3, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau writes. And now that the Xbox One has been announced, the company has plenty to share.

Microsoft scores $400M deal with NFL, coaches to use Surface tablets during games

Microsoft will be supplying Surface tablets to NFL coaches and players so they can review e-playbooks and watch instant replays rather than look at paper-based signs and Polaroids during games.

Xbox One’s Achievements will follow you outside the game and watch you

Following Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox One, the questions began to flow like an avalanche. We've got answers for you concerning the future of Xbox Live, your earned Achievements, and multiplayer match limits.

‘Metro: Last Light’ announces four DLCs and a season pass

Deep Silver detailed four expansions headed to 'Metro: Last Light' this summer. A season pass that includes all four DLC as well as an extra gun is available to purchase now for under $15..

EA claims Wii U games are in development, but won’t say what they are

An Electronic Arts executive backpedals and confirms that the company does indeed have Nintendo Wii U games in the pipeline. But EA has even more games in the works for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A closer look at the Xbox One’s specs, and what they mean for you

Microsoft has revealed more about the Xbox One's hardware, including information about its processor and RAM. But what do these specifications mean for you, and how do they stack up against Sony's Playstation 4?

Xbox One vs. Xbox 360: spec showdown

The "One" and only will hit the market later this year, but how does it compare with its successor? We'll let you be the judge with our side-by-side, Microsoft console comparison.

The ‘Console War’ is so last decade: How everyone wins with Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Microsoft and Sony roll out different messaging in the next generation gaming console announcements only to meet in the middle with the industry's most balanced gaming hardware showdown in years.