Mobile game publisher GREE reportedly begins lay offs

The Japanese game company laid off 25 staff last year when it closed the mobile social platform OpenFeint, but it's unknown what the cause of these layoffs is. A statement obtained from GREE by GamesIndustry is vague in its explanation.

Review: When the world ends, ‘Metro: Last Light’ begins

After surviving the fall of THQ, 4A Games’ Metro: Last Light finds a new home with Deep Silver. But the change in publisher hasn’t changed the feel of the series, and the expertly crafted narrative holds up.

Tim Schafer wants to get the rights to all his games under one roof

The famed game designer revealed to Game Informer that he's trying to gain the rights to 'Stacking,' 'Costume Quest,' 'Brutal Legend,' and 'Iron Brigade,' properties that he developed but that other companies own distribution rights for.
Home Theater

Media Streamer Showdown: PlayStation 3 versus Xbox 360

Interested in adding a gaming console as a dedicated media streaming device in your home theater? Check out our breakdown of the PlayStation 3 versus the Xbox 360 for streaming video off services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant…

Jetsetter: World of Tanks creator goes to war over Chinese copycat

This week in Jetsetter, 'World of Tanks' creator sets it sights on a Chinese game developer over what it calls the "disturbingly similar" 'Project Tank.' Meanwhile the creator of the PlayStation, Ken Kutaragi, leaves Sony for…

The History of the Xbox

From "DirectX Box" to "720," it's been a long, strange trip for Microsoft's Xbox gaming console.

How ‘Borderlands 2’s’ newest character came to be, and the birth of “nipple salad”

We sit down with Gearbox Software's Paul Hellquist, creative director on Borderlands 2, and Anthony Burch, writer on Borderlands 2, to chat about Krieg, the newly added downloadable Vault Hunter.
Game Review

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut Review

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut review.

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut review – drinking down prettier, but still weird coffee

The exceptionally weird, bizarre, and unique 'Deadly Premonition' leaves the Xbox 360 behind and is reborn on the PS3 thanks to a Director's Cut that fixes most of (but not all) the problems of the original.

Borderlands 2’s most psychotic villain is playable as the delightfully badass Krieg

Gearbox Software's latest downloadable character for Borderlands 2, the psycho Krieg, is fun to play with his new gameplay wrinkles and focus on stats-based micromanagement. There is, however, the danger of burnout for those who have played…

‘Defiance’ continues to roll: New DLC is outlined for the game even as the TV show has been renewed for another season

Defiance's executive producer has annoucned that every expansion for 'Defiance' will include free content, paid content, and new items for the in-game store. The first DLC, tentatively titled 'Enter the Castithan,' arrives this month

Namco Bandai reports five-year high profits

The top sellers in the content division, including 'Tekken Tag Tournament 2,' ' Soulcalibur V,' and the western release of 'Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm,' helped push Namco Bandai far into the black this fiscal year.