Jetsetter: Konami’s PES skips the next-gen, and kite fighting is apparently a thing

This week in Jetsetter, Konami lets Electronic Arts make the first move in next-gen console football, keeping its new Pro Evolution Soccer 14 on Xbox 360 and PS3. In India, an intrepid developer dusts of Sony's PS Move to make a game about…

Check out a sneak peek at ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ live at 11am PST

Activision and Infinity Ward are offering a glimpse at Call of Duty: Ghosts before E3 gets going. Check out the 30 minute livestream here today, Sunday June 9, at 11am PST.

Kevin Smith on Superman’s shaving habits and the death of TV

Digital Trends chats with filmmaker Kevin Smith about his participation in Gillette's "How does Superman shave?" campaign and the realities of growing and maintaining an audience in a digitally connected world.

E3 2013 preview: 10 games we’re dying to see more of

Take a look at 10 of the biggest triple-A titles that we expect to get a lot of press and attention at E3 2013. The annual trade show kicks off next week, on Tuesday, June 11.

‘Grid 2’ review: Reaching for utopia

Like every other big console racing game released in 2010's, Grid 2 is glossy and indistinct. Beneath the hood hides a thoughtful attempt to make a racing game that's as simple as an arcade racer, but demanding as a sim.

Raspberry Pi turned into a portable gaming console by The Ben Heck Show

Hacker extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn of The Ben Heck Show takes on the GameBoy Advance with a Raspberry Pi mini-computer, LCD screen, and a game controller. He'll be giving his project away, so find out how you can win one.

Amazon expands digital game marketplace with ‘Indie Game Store’

Amazon aims to help independent game developers get exposure while providing consumers a hub on which to find new games with the new Indie Games Store category of its digital download marketplace.

Nationalist Chinese paper publishes game in which players reclaim Japanese island

'Recover the Diaoyu Islands' is a browser game published by one of China's most prolific nationalist newspapers, the Global Times. In it, players board a People's Liberation Army ship and dodge attacks from Japanese opponents while…
Game Review

Grid 2 Review

Grid 2 review.

The Elder Scrolls Online: All the obsessive fun of ‘Skyrim,’ but now with friends!

The Elder Scrolls series continues to roll on, reaching what many see as a natural evolution for the franchise. The ‘Elder Scrolls Online’ offers all the incredible content of the series that you’d expect, but in an MMO format.

Watch the biggest and best games streamed live from E3 starting Tuesday, June 11

The annual E3 show for 2013 kicks off on Tuesday, June 11, and Twitch will be there live on the show floor with a running stream of the big reveals and blockbuster first looks.

‘Video Games: The Movie’ director on the cocktail conversations fueling his documentary

"I want this story to be told by the people," filmmaker Jeremy Snead says of his project 'Video Game: the Movie,' which recently smashed its Kickstarter goal of $60,000 and continues to climb.