Digital Trends’ Best Games of 2012 Winners

Last week we announced our nominees for the best games of 2012. And now, the winners...

Digital Blend: Talking GTA with Leslie Benzies and preparing for the God of War beta

Welcome to Digital Blend, your one-stop shop for coverage and recommendations of all things relating to mobile gaming, digital marketplaces, and indie titles (for the week ending December 16).

Tecmo Koei reveals release date for Vita’s Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus

The third (and presumably final) iteration of Ninja Gaiden 2 will debut on Sony's Vita handheld toward the end of February.

DT’s ‘Better Than Socks’ Holiday Giveaway: Hitman Absolution Professional Edition for PS3

Give the gift of stealth this holiday season, with a copy of Hitman Absolution Professional Edition for the PlayStation 3.

ArenaNet cracks down on Guild Wars 2 cheaters, bans 34,000 accounts

Guild Wars 2 publisher ArenaNet is very serious about stamping out cheating in its fan-favorite MMORPG, and alongside a huge rash of player bans the company has decided to outline its anti-cheating gameplan.

Dead Or Alive 5+ officially coming to the Vita next year

Tecmo Koei developer Team Ninja has officially revealed the Vita-exclusive Dead or Alive 5+ alongside a release date, screenshots and not much else.

Dismantled Wii Mini reveals antiquated hardware design

Are you sad that Nintendo's Wii Mini is exclusive to Canada? Don't be. The slightly smaller iteration of the Wii isn't all it's cracked up to be.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey review: Return to Middle-earth (but choose your showing wisely)

Peter Jackson and company take us back to Middle Earth for the first of three installments based on The Hobbit. Just beware the frame rate.

Gearbox finally patches Borderlands 2’s Badass Rank bug

Borderlands 2's most infamous, long-running glitch has finally been fixed, if you believe a set of newly-released patch notes issued this morning by developer Gearbox Software.
Cool Tech

Sony apes Nintendo with upcoming LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC

A new addition to the nearly two-year-old LittleBigPlanet 2 arrives next Tuesday, and it uses Sony's Vita handheld to mimic functionality most famously seen in Nintendo's Wii U console.

New Kickstarter project aims to bring proper buttons to your iPhone

Are you an iPhone gamer annoyed by your gadget's lack of true buttons? Help fund the WynCASE project on Kickstarter and that may no longer be a concern.

Sexism controversy surrounds Last Of Us box art

When The Last of Us hits store shelves next year its box art will prominently feature a 14-year-old girl, despite the objections of publishers and PR agents.