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Banned Xbox game picks up prestigious award in UK

Despite Xbox banning it from its platform due to its risqué content, a sex education game featuring a gang of condom-hatted marines managed to pick up a prestigious BAFTA award in the UK.


NPD: Gaming industry hauls in $3 billion in November 2011

With millions of gamers spending countless hours slaying fire breathing dragons within Skyrim, the gaming industry made an astounding amount of money during November 2011.


Win a copy of the Resistance dual pack for the PS3!

Read on for details on how you can be entered for your shot at winning the Resistance dual pack, featuring the first two Resistance games!


Win a copy of Driver: San Francisco for the PS3!

Comment below to be automatically entered for a chance to win Ubisoft’s Driver: San Francisco.


Spec Ops: The Line Has Big Choices, Bigger Narrative Ambitions

We sit down with some of the key members of the dev team at Yager Developments and 2K Games to dig into the reasoning behind Spec Ops: The Line's huge narrative ambitions.


Apple names its Game of the Year picks for iPhone and iPad

Tiny Tower and Dead Space games earn top iOS honors from Apple.


Virgin Gaming hosts million-dollar EA Sports online tournament

If you can carry your Madden 12, FIFA 12, or NHL 12 team on your back, you could win big bucks in Virgin Gaming's new online tournament.


Rumor: Dead Rising 3 plot and character leaks, set in California

New details about Dead Rising 3 are emerging including characters, plot and a California setting.


Shigeru Miyamoto is not retiring, but his role at Nintendo may change

An interview has sparked a rumor that Shigeru Miyamoto is planning to retire. We set the record straight by posting his entire quote and explaining what he might mean by it and how his role at Nintendo may change.


Surface Tension gives arcade tables a classy twist

Designer arcade tables from Surface Tension make gaming look classy. (Or at least, mildly acceptable.)


Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Multiplayer grudge match

Trying to decide between two of the most popular first-person shooters out there? We put aside preconceived notions and pitted Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in a multiplayer grudge match you don’t have to be a gamer to follow.


Microsoft forbids class action lawsuits within new Xbox Live terms

While many Xbox 360 owners are unwittingly agreeing to the lengthy terms of service agreement to gain access to the new dashboard update, Microsoft slipped in new wording to halt future litigation against the corporation.


Microsoft releases Xbox apps for Windows and iOS devices

Microsoft releases not only a Windows Phone Xbox app but iOS along with its Xbox Live dashboard update this week.


Netflix updates Xbox 360 app with Kinect control, still lacks 1080p streaming

While Xbox 360 owners finally got a chance to test our the new Xbox 360 dashboard update, streaming company Netflix also rolled out an update to the streaming application complete with voice and gesture control.


OnLive brings streaming console games to tablets and smartphones – our hands-on impressions

OnLive has announced that it's bringing its full array of console games to tablets and smartphones, and we had the chance to get our hands on one and try it out.

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