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Update: Fine Brothers shut ‘React World’ licensing deal, apologize to fans

The ongoing backlash to the Fine Brothers' 'React World' licensing deal has forced the YouTube stars to put an end to the program. Since the initiative's launch last week, the Fine Brothers Entertainment channel has lost over…

Fallout 4 looks better than ever with the latest update on PC

Fallout 4's Patch 1.3 brings a whole assortment of fixes, including a new HBAO+ ambient occlusion setting, improved keymapping, an extensive list of quest repairs, and an exclusive treat for Nvidia graphics card owners.

Super Bowl savant: Will Madden predict this year's game as perfectly as last?

EA Sports used Madden NFL 16 to predict the Carolina Panthers will win Super Bowl 50, which is worth noting because the video game forecasted the exact score of last year’s big game.

Sony puts March’s PlayStation Plus freebie up for vote

Sony is relaunching its PlayStation Plus-exclusive "Vote to Play" campaign for March, giving service subscribers the chance to vote for which game will be given away for free next month.

Fly, shoot, EVA, and die during Star Citizen's free week

Although Cloud Imperium would still like it if you put a few dollars down towards the development of Star Citizen, it's looking to hook you in with a free week of play time, giving you access to ships, a planet and several missions.

G.Skill throws cash-strapped gamers a bone with affordable versions of its best keyboard

If you like the G.Skill KM780 mechanical keyboard, but thought it was too expensive, G.Skill's new iterations could be right for you. They drop a couple of features here and there, but retain its core characteristics are a lower price.

Jonathan Blow’s The Witness earned more in one week than his previous game did in a year

Despite widespread piracy of The Witness, creator Jonathan Blow says that in less than a week, the game has already generated more revenue than his previous game, Braid, did in an entire year.

Cheaters running rampant in The Division's PC beta

Those playing the PC beta for The Division have been encountering players with unlimited ammo and health among other issues, and this has players calling the game's anti-cheat measures into question.
Game Review

XCOM 2 Review

Agonizing yet addictive, XCOM 2 revels in the ecstasy of its difficulty.

Piracy might make Jonathan Blow use DRM in his next game

The creator of critically acclaimed The Witness, Jonathan Blow, voices concerns that the game garnered high popularity on a torrent website. Blow says that his next game might use DRM protection to stop pirates.

Play weird dodgeball in the ’70s with Stikbold!

Stikbold!, a goofy '70s-inspired version of dodgeball developed by Reign Bros, will bring local cooperative and competitive play when it launches this spring for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.