Watch Iron Man fight Mega Man in new 'Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite' trailer

The hotly anticipated follow-up to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has just been announced. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will be the latest game in the incredibly popular fighting game series.

Naughty Dog announces ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ stand-alone DLC

The new standalone story mode for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has been announced. Titled The Lost Legacy, this DLC will follow fan favorite Chloe Frazer along with Nadine Ross.
Virtual Reality

Burn calories while you explore other world’s with VirZoom’s VR stationary bike

The developers behind Dance Central and Rock Band have jumped into the virtual reality fray with a new gaming angle. Virzoom is designed to immerse users in VR, so they don’t realize they’re losing weight while pedaling through arcade…

Ellie is older and angrier in 'The Last of Us: Part II' reveal trailer

In a string of reveals and announcements at the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California, Studio Naughty Dog unveiled the reveal trailer for The Last of Us: Part II, the followup to the critically acclaimed The Last of Us.

Kor-FX's haptic feedback vest will make you quiver, not quake 1:11

The Kor-FX haptic vest will shake you to your very core as you play your favorite games, but only if your favorite games involve driving loud cars and running through minefields.

Phantom limb pain may be addressed by computer games

As per a new study led by Max Ortiz Catalan of the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, amputees who engaged in computer games with a virtual on-screen arm reported relief from phantom pain.
Virtual Reality

Titmouse’s ‘Smash Party’ proves that smashing stuff still feels good in VR

Animation house Titmouse has brought its real-life LA Smash Party to virtual reality, and it works.

Not sure which leader to pick in Civilization VI? We’ve tallied up their strengths

For experienced players and newcomers alike, Sid Meier's 'Civilization VI' can be overwhelming. Check out our guide to each of the 19 cultures and their respective leaders to get a leg up on the competition and achieve world domination.

'Death Stranding' gets a new trailer with some new faces

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has revealed very little about his upcoming game, 'Death Stranding,' but the title's cinematic trailers point to the involvement of some big names. Here is everything we know so far.

The Radeon RX 490 is listed on an online retailer, and could be revealed soon

An unannounced Radeon RX 490 graphics card is now listed on an online retail site with a launch window of the second half of 2016. There's a good chance AMD will reveal the card during its New Horizon public event scheduled for December 13.

Get ready to explore enormous new worlds in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be the first game in the series since 2012's Mass Effect 3, and BioWare looks to be pulling out all the stops. Here is everything we know about the latest title in the lauded sci-fi franchise.
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Time to kill? These are the 101 best movies on Netflix

Save yourself from hours of scrolling and searching through Netflix's massive library by checking out this list of our favorite movies you can stream right now. No matter what genre you're looking for, you're bound to find something.