Social Media

Facebook Live rolls out gaming-focused streaming features for laptops, desktops

Facebook has introduced a set of new video streaming features as part of its expanded Facebook Live platform that allow users to stream live video and gameplay footage from desktop or laptop computers.

PlayStation 4 ‘Slim’ now comes with 1TB hard drive — and it won’t cost you extra

The PlayStation 4 "Slim" system will now come standard with a 1TB hard drive and will still cost just $300. The system previously came equipped with a 500GB hard drive for the same price.

MSI's latest gaming notebooks are thin, light, and VR gaming-ready

MSI has announced the GP62X and GP72X Leopard Pro series, thin and light notebooks focused on ensuring not just high performance but also some of the best refresh rates you'll find on gaming notebooks today.

Asus reveals pricing of VivoPC X, announces Oculus Rift bundle

One of Asus's most interesting new products is the compact VivoPC X gaming system offering solid performance in a small and portable chassis. Now, Asus has finally announced pricing and availability for the new machine.
Cool Tech

Mechanical engineering students at Michigan build giant working Rubik’s Cube

Fancy a bit of fun between your mechanical engineering classes? The University of Michigan’s G.G. Brown Building is currently home to a giant working Rubik’s Cube, weighing in at 2,400 pounds.

Self-driving cars now learning the rules of the road on the streets of Los Santos

As engineers work to develop safe, practical self-driving cars, Grand Theft Auto V has emerged as an unlikely means of simulating tricky scenarios to see how well the AI driver can respond.

Bandai Namco’s ‘Code Vein’ is in the vein of ‘Dark Souls’ 0:36

Bandai Namco has followed up its teaser trailer release with an official announcement of Code Vein, an action RPG that features forgetful vampires and large, undead monsters fit for slaying.

Close to the Metal Ep. 39: The RX 570 Live Review 25:31

The rumors were true, and AMD's RX 500 Series has touched down. You can go out and buy the RX 580 and RX 570 today, but first, join us for Close to the Metal where we'll discuss whether you should.

HTC unveils bundle pairing the Vive headset with an Nvidia GTX 1070

HTC has detailed a selection of new bundles that will give newcomers everything they need to start enjoying virtual reality with the Vive headset, whether it's a new graphics card or a new system entirely.

Steelseries’ latest gaming peripherals are designed with Evil Geniuses in mind

Steelseries announced its newest line of professional input peripherals that were co-developed with esports team Evil Geniuses and laser-focused on providing the best possible experience to the most exacting gamers.
Virtual Reality

Viveport update adds easier in-app purchases to Unity VR games

HTC is looking to help developers make more money from their virtual reality experiences in Unity, with the introduction of in-game DLC buying as part of a recent Viveport SDK update.

AMD reveals wallet-friendly Radeon RX 500 video card family with RX 580/570 launch

It's official: the Radeon RX 500 Series family of cards is real, and the first units to hit the market are the RX 580 and RX 570. They replace the RX 400 Series cards released less than a year ago, and promise higher clock speeds.