Yo-kai Watch 2 to start haunting Nintendo 3DS in North America in September

Nintendo announced that Level-5's monster-collecting RPG sequel Yo-kai Watch 2 will hit 3DS portables in North America this September alongside a second season of its Disney XD animated series.

15 Android and iOS games to keep your kids entertained (and quiet)

Kids these days naturally understand tablets and smartphones better than anyone who has come before them. Make their time online valuable with this list of fun and educational apps for kids.

The Spark is gone: Microsoft scraps game-creation toolkit for Xbox, PC

Microsoft announced that it is ending support for its Xbox One and PC game-building app Project Spark less than three years after its initial public beta release, and all user-created content will be deleted in August.

Apparently working at Capcom Vancouver makes Silicon Valley look tame

Game studios aren't always the greatest places to work but Capcom Vancouver, with a Sandwich Club and communal game library, might be bucking that trend. It's still a ways off from Valve and its legendary snack room, however.

Homefront: The Revolution has 50,000 lines of dialogue, plenty of rubber duckies

Homefront: The Revolution is out tomorrow, and Deep Silver Dambuster has taken the opportunity to reveal some statistics about the game that vary from the impressive to the downright weird.

Alienation's latest update addresses the game's biggest problem

Alienation's final mission is an infuriatingly difficult mess that clashes with the rest of the game, but a new update should make it less painful. A change to the level-scaling system allows for easier solo play.

Razer to open doors of its first U.S. retail store, in San Francisco, this weekend

For most people, gaming is playing a game on their smartphones. Razer wants to change that mind-set by showing what high-end desktop, notebook, and console gaming can be like. Its first U.S. retail store in the U.S. opens in San Francisco…

10 dormant game franchises perfect for bringing back in VR

It’s inevitable that some traditional video game series will make the jump to virtual reality. After spending some time with the platforms' first crop of games, we have a few ideas about how some dormant game series might see new life in…
Virtual Reality

Climbers comment on Crytek’s VR game The Climb 1:50

Crytek shows how a select group of mountain climbers react to their first experience in the company's VR game The Climb. Like us, these mountain climbers were also impressed with the vertigo experience.
Social Media

The Russian government embarrasses itself on Twitter once again

Russia never seems to learn how to use Twitter. In a recent tweet it illustrated alleged extremist activities using Command & Conquer: Generals. No, Russia -- 13-year-old video game screenshots don't suffice as complementary imagery.
Virtual Reality

Project Cars on HTC Vive is the definitive sim racing experience

Earlier this week Slightly Mad Studios released an update for Project Cars, adding support for HTC Vive. It's so impressive, it looks like actual racing. The game also features VR mouse support and Gaze control.

Capcom: Street Fighter V ‘needed more polish’ before launch

Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto announced that the company will allow more development time for future game releases following the troubled launch of Street Fighter V earlier this year.