Facebook Live aims to beat Twitch at its own game with help of pro gamer Stephen Ellis

Facebook has hired pro-gamer Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis to bring more game developers, e-sports competitors, and gaming talent to its live-streaming network. Quietly recruited in May, Ellis has since been working behind the scenes to…

Nintendo NX launches in March 2017 along with Zelda

Here is everything we have heard so far about Nintendo's mysterious, upcoming console, the so-called NX, compiled into one convenient post. Updated 6-16-2016 to include details on processing power, VR support, and a Ubisoft launch title.

How esports are going from laughingstock to phenomenon

Esports used to be a Korean phenomenon that Americans eyed with curiosity, and occasionally, disdain. But that’s rapidly changing as esports get big, and go mainstream.

Vive is ignoring the drama and gearing up to spread the VR love

While VR begins to develop into a more mature market, HTC is shipping most Vives within 24 hours, with over 240 titles available. Turns out the secret was just giving the people what they want.

Digital Trends Top Games of E3 2016

This year’s E3 was packed with new additions to old favorites, as well as gameplay for games we’ve been desperately waiting for. In the end, it was new titles that made the most lasting impression.

Microsoft’s PC releases will come to Steam, but the company isn’t saying which

Xbox division head Phil Spencer has said that Microsoft PC games will still be sold via Steam, but didn't offer any details as to exactly which games might be sold via Valve's massively popular platform.
Virtual Reality

Magic Leap announces partnership with Lucasfilm to produce ‘Star Wars’ content

Magic Leap, the augmented reality startup that has attracted funding from Google, Legendary Entertainment, and others, announced a deal with Lucasfilm to produce Star Wars content.

PlayStation VR coming to select stores Friday

Sony has announced that demos for PlayStation VR will drop at select Best Buy and GameStop locations throughout the country tomorrow, quickly expanding to 300 locations by the end of the month.

Nintendo’s ‘Rhythm Heaven Megamix’ hits eShop following E3 debut

Nintendo's manic minigame compilation Rhythm Heaven Megamix is out now in the 3DS eShop in North America following its debut appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this week.

Truly a teaser: The 'Resident Evil 7' demo won't be in the final game

Resident Evil 7's demo introduces players to a new first-person perspective and an atmospheric house, but it won't actually be in the final game. Instead, it serves as a prologue, with a different main character.

‘God of War' adds a bit of Bruce Banner to Kratos' Hulk

All told we were extremely impressed by God of War. Barlog and his team have taken an extremely thoughtful approach to the series' reinvention, maintaining its core while making something that feels fresh and modern.

‘Paper Mario: Color Splash’ is not making a good first impression with fans

Paper Mario: Color Splash was shown off extensively at E3 2016, but fan reception has been predominantly negative, with significant gripes aimed at the game's shallow RPG mechanics and lack of allies.