Sony is giving away limited edition gold PS4 bundles with a Taco Bell promotion

If you want to win a limited edition gold PlayStation 4 bundle, locate the nearest Taco Bell and plan on eating there -– a lot. Sony is partnering with the fast-food chain for a promotion that will award a free PS4 bundle every 10…

Microsoft shows off the Halo 5 limited editions

Halo 5: Guardians is only a month away, and Microsoft has released a video showing off its two limited editions. Hopefully you've saved some money and have a place to put the giant magnetic statue.

Freemium game developer reveals the dirty truths behind in-app purchases

An anonymous producer of free to play mobile games has pulled back the curtain on the creepy and invasive data mining that publishers use to manipulate players into making as many in-app purchases as possible.
Cool Tech

Destroy a multi-million dollar spacecraft in this SpaceX rocket landing game

You can try to pilot SpaceX's Falcon 9 in the Scratch game SpaceX Falcon 9 Lander, which challenges you to land the spacecraft on a floating ocean platform.

Intel clears up socketed Skylake eDRAM confusion

Intel's Skylake range of chips will not come with a socketed version supporting both Iris Pro graphics and eDRAM, according to an announcement from the CPU maker. For that, gamers will need to look to Broadwell.

After two sleepless nights, we still can’t get enough of Destiny: The Taken King

Now that Destiny: The Taken King has been out for two days, we have a better idea what it brings to Activision's shared-world Destiny franchise and what's left to discover in the latest expansion.

Star Fox zero delayed until 2016 to prepare gameplay that players can “smoothly grasp”

If you were hoping to spend this holiday doing barrel rolls, you're out of luck. Star Fox Zero has been delayed until 2016, with creator Shigeru Miyamoto saying that Nintendo needs more time to polish the game.

New trailer and release date arrive for massive space adventure Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy is a massive space combat game that still draws deep on its developers' roots in the action RPG genre. Described as a "swashbuckling space opera," we now finally know when it's coming out: October 20.

Shenmue 3 looking for more crowdfunding via Slacker Backer campaign

When Shenmue 3 wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign in July, it had become the most funded game on the site. Now fans have a chance to fund the game even further via a 'Slacker Backer' campaign on the game's website.

Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta opens for Nathan Drake Collection buyers in December

PlayStation 4 owners who buy a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection will get an early look at Uncharted 4's multiplayer mode with an exclusive closed beta test launching in December.

Demon-fusing PlayStation 4 RPG Persona 5 delayed to 2016 3:54

Atlus announced today that the latest sequel in its long-running Persona RPG series will miss its original release date, and is now set to premiere in summer 2016.