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PlayStation Vita to use a 45nm CPU from Samsung

Here’s a small news blip that’s probably more of interest to the hardcore techies among you gathered gamers. Sony‘s upcoming PlayStation Vita portable gaming device will come packing a 45nm CPU from Samsung. The info comes from The Semiconductor Industry News (via Andriasang), though no other details are given.

It is notable that Sony is opting to go with a third-party component manufacturer rather than designing something in-house. The PlayStation 3 used the Sony-developed Cell processor and was prohibitively expensive at launch, even with each console being sold at a loss. The Vita, with its HD touchscreen, rear touchpad and ability to run an Uncharted game, carries a very reasonable $250 price tag. You can thank the Samsung processor for that, at least in part.

That reasonable price is going to be critical too, now that Nintendo has cut $80 off the original $250 price of its 3DS handheld. With Nintendo offering a cheaper portable that also plays Mario, the dual-screen device is a much dangerous competitor against the more expensive, more powerful Vita.