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Redeem King Midas in Talismania Puzzle Game

Redeem King Midas in Talismania Puzzle Game

Seattle’s PopCap Games has launched Talismania, a new puzzle games in which players co,ect magical talismans to help King Midas redeem his greedy past and rebuilt the wonders of ancient Greece. Developed by RocketJump Games the game features two modes—a beat-the-clock Hero Mode and a more relaxed Story Mode—in which players create coins by connecting bronze, silver, and gold talismans from the game board. Players earn coins and bonuses by creating backs or acting quickly, and at the end of each level, King Midas uses the cash to build things like temples, homes, and (um) statues that his subjects “really need” and even ancient Greek wonders like Mt. Olympus and the Trojan Horse. The more cash you bring in, the better Midas can rebuild his kingdom and the closer he comes to saving his cursed daughter (who, according to legend, he turned to gold with his touch).

“Talismania is a classic puzzle game with plenty of unique twists and something for everyone,” said Jason Kapalka, PopCap’s Chief Creative Officer said in a statement. “And the graphics and inter-level animations are not only great looking, they’re funny and entertaining and build a story in which you’re the real hero.”

Each mode of Talismani has 40 unique levels and 16 bonus rounds. A free trial of Talismania is available at PopCap’s site, and Talismania Deluze is priced at $19.95; it requires Windows 98/Me/2000/XP and Direct X 7 or later.

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