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Resistance 3 dev diary highlights multiplayer progression features

Resistance 3

Those who had the foresight to buy SOCOM 4 a few months ago are now reaping the benefits of that game’s big bonus extra: a code for early access to the Resistance 3 beta. Those who are already should by now be familiar with the game’s multiplayer progression system, which is built around earning experience to unlock skill points which can then be spent on purchasable weapons, perks and upgrades for both.

A newly released R3 dev diary posted on the PlayStation Blog runs through the game’s active and passive perks, which are split between four categories: Support and Tactical Abilities (active), and Personal and Combat Attributes (passive). Most of the perks detailed in the diary are pulled from the beta, though there’s one — Patience — that isn’t.

It’s a sniper-friendly boost, Patience, upping the damage you do for keeping the crosshairs centered on your targer for a few extra seconds. Anything that can make a difference between a one-shot kill and a two-shot one is a big deal if you’re a sniper, so that should be fun. My personal favorite so far is Leaper Corpse (from the beta and the diary), which turns your corpse into a group of AI-controlled Leapers that go after enemies whenever you are downed.

The diary also talks a little bit about “negative attributes,” which players can elect to take on in exchange for some kind of boost. In the example given, a player could opt to play with no heads-up display. The tradeoff for that being higher experience point gains, enabling you to level up quicker. Check out the video right here…