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Resistance, SOCOM, MAG, and GT5 lose PS3 online play in 2014

Sony has some big titles slated to ditch their online features in 2014, according to the company’s recently updated UK support page, including all three Resistance games, a pair of SOCOMs, big-team online shooter MAG, and Polyphyny Digital’s racing sim, Gran Turismo 5. The online feature shutdown is simply part of the natural order; as games age and online communities flock to newer releases, the cost of maintaining online functionality for older titles outweighs the value of supporting their dwindling communities.

First up are MAGSOCOM: Confrontation, and SOCOM: Special Forces, all of which will go offline on January 28. Resistance: Fall of ManResistance 2, and Resistance 3 follow on March 28 (there’s a Borg/”Resistance is futile” joke here somewhere), and Gran Turismo 5 shuts down on May 20. All of the games’ offline modes will continue to work as they always have, though MAG and the two SOCOM titles are online-only games, so they’re essentially dead come January. 

So … get those MAG matches in while you still can?