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Rocket League’s first DLC hits PC and PS4 this August

Psyonix’s Rocket League has quickly become a runaway (or driveaway) success, both on PC and PlayStation 4, where the game was given away for free as part of July’s PlayStation Plus lineup. In fact, last week, the game had 183,000 concurrent players. In case you can’t get enough of the driving-soccer hybrid, new DLC will be available next month.

Titled Supersonic Fury, Rocket League‘s first paid DLC’s biggest draws are the new Dominus and Takumi Battle-Cars. Psyonix says the new vehicles are “only available for play in the DLC,” but at only $4 for the entire pack, it would be silly to sell the cars à la carte.  The DLC also includes two new Wheel sets, five Paint Types, and new Rocket Boosts dubbed “Nitrous” and “Burnout.”

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However, not all of Rocket League‘s upcoming content will require you to shell out extra cash. As we reported a few days ago, the free “Utopia Coliseum” map is also on its way, replacing the circular design of early maps with a “regular stadium-type” design. The free update will also include a Spectator Mode, new country flags, new animations, and new music from Hollywood Principle. Lastly, the update will address issues with the PlayStation 4 version overheating consoles and causing them to crash, which Psyonix had previously suggested avoiding by moving the camera directly above your Battle-Car with the right analog stick. The problem appears to be linked to he main menu of the game, and the patch will address “main menu rendering” to resolve this.

The strategy of releasing a game for free through PlayStation Plus and then charging for DLC isn’t new — Resogun did earlier this year — but few games have taken off to the extent that Rocket League has. Cross-play between PlayStation 4 and PC probably doesn’t hurt its player count, either.