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Take GTA V to the next level with the ten best mods for PC

Grand Theft Auto V’s release on the PC offers many advantages over the console release. Better graphics, improved multiplayer and support for higher resolutions are among them. Yet all of these pale in comparison to the most important advantage of all; modifications.

An open-world game like GTA V always begs to be modded, and for the first time that’s possible. Naturally, it’s led to plenty of insanity that can multiply the game’s fun factor or increase its longevity. Here’s the current top 10 must-have mods.

Script Hook V and Native Trainer

If you’re going to download any mods, start here first. Script Hook V makes the game’s scripts available to others, and so is a requirement for some GTA V mods (often, they’ll bundle the scripthook .dll just to be sure). This mod also gives you access to a feature-rich trainer that can turn you into a virtual god, and isn’t causing chaos half the fun of a sandbox game?

Vehicle Controller

The experience of flying and driving in GTA V is a massive leap over previous games in the series, but players still don’t have full control over their ride. Doors, interior lights and the engine operate on auto-pilot. Vehicle Controller provides full control over all these functions and adds an important function every real modern car has; cruise control!

Szabo’s Persistence Mod

I tuned my ride the moment the Xbox version of GTA V gave me the option. To my dismay, though, the car disappeared soon afterwards, as the game thought I meant to save another car I’d hijacked instead. This mod changes the game’s behavior so that’s no longer a problem, and lets you choose multiple rides instead of just one.

Tuning Mod

While you can tune your cars, the options available have their limits, and there’s significant focus on functional enhancements. This modification let players go crazy with aesthetic modifications like oversized axles and wheels. It’s a great way to push your design skills to the limit – or simply see how crazy you can get before you break your car.

Pedestrian Riot

GTA: San Andreas had a cheat that made pedestrians go bonkers. It was hilarious to watch. Predictably, an intrepid modder has gone out of his way to re-create that experience. With the flip of a switch you can send everyone into insanity, creating chaos wherever you go. The mod gives them weapons, too, so be careful!

Field-of-view mod

For the first time ever in the series, GTA V offers a first-person mode. Far from a tack-on, Rockstar put a lot of effort into making it work just like a real first-person shooter. One thing they missed, though, is dynamic field-of-view adjustment. The default FOV is a bit narrow, which makes some players feel claustrophobic, and others motion sick. With this mod you can change the FOV to whatever setting is comfortable for you.

Gravity Gun

Do you want a gravity gun? Well, of course you do! With this modification, which does exactly what it says and no more, you can send cars, trucks and even pedestrians flying across the map. It’s not the most effective weapon, to be honest, but it is the most fun. For added hilarity, try The Inner Force mod, which can levitate everything around you.

Bodyguard Menu

Why go it alone, when you can have a team backing you up? This mod can spawn a variety of NPCs who will follow you around and assist you in whatever you’re doing. You can command them to do your bidding, or just stand around in formation looking tough. Up to seven bodyguards will follow you, but you can still spawn more after that. Creating an army just after you rouse up a 4-star police rating can be a literal riot.

Police Mod

Why does Grand Theft Auto assume you want to be a criminal? With this mod you can become part of the long arm of the law. It lets you skin yourself as a cop, spawn a partner, choose a police vehicle, and listen to a police scanner. You can’t pull over vehicles or go on missions just yet. Hopefully that will be possible in future versions.

Heist Vehicles Spawn Naturally

Heists are a popular feature in GTA V’s online mode. Many of them include unique vehicles. But what if you’re not interested in online play, and still want to use the vehicles? This mod lets you do just that. It doesn’t just give them to you off the bat, though; they spawn in certain areas for you to discover. Or if you just want to jump in, you can view the modder’s list of locations.