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Secret Angry Birds Space level encourages you to stand against cyberbullying

MTV Draw Your Line

We’re a mere three days away from the premiere of the new Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Space. To promote the game, Rovio previously partnered with NASA to demonstrate how the new gameplay requires new levels of physics to beat each level. Now, the developers have teamed up with MTV to use one of the world’s most popular apps to send a fighting message: Stop cyberbullying.

Much like how players can previously unlock a secret level when they find hidden objects throughout each stage, they can also play a special level when they participate in MTV’s “A Thin Line” campaign. To unlock this stage, players can head to MTV’s Draw Your Line web segment which asks you to contribute an action you’ve recently taken to promote the fight against digital abuse. According to MTV’s guidelines, these actions can be anything from changing your social media password, blocking or reporting harassers on the web, or seeking resources to help you or a friend recover from digital abuse. Digital abuse can cover a variety of harmful cyberbullying acts, such as sexting or starting an online hate group against an individual or a community.

When you post an action to Draw Your Line, MTV will crowdsource a map of positive influences to encourage people across the United States to take their stand against cyberbullies. It won’t matter if your actions are as small as talking to an abused friend or starting a local rally, you will still be rewarded with a free gaming level on the biggest mobile game out there. When you’ve unlocked the stage on Angry Birds Space, you will be notified of a “Golden Egg” level which may or may not have some sort of MTV campaign integration in the set up.

MTV is planning to promote the campaign through Public Service Announcements on its network throughout March and April, asking participants to choose to be “an upstander rather than a bystander.” The PSA will air across all MTV platforms, such as MTV2, mtvU, MTV in Latin America and the online site MTV Voices.

Though it’s certainly commendable for Angry Birds to use its popularity and reach to send positive messages to gamers of all age groups, the partnership does seem just a bit funny when you think about the concept of the game. The birds are clearly bullying pigs out of their homes throughout the game, and apparently can’t control their anger enough to not downright destroy things to get their way. Perhaps the angry birds and bad piggies are just engaging in a playful rivalry after all?

Whatever the case may be, we support the fight against digital abuse especially when you get engage in more Angry Birds gameplay. You can test out the secret level as soon as Angry Birds Space unveils on iOS, Android, and PC on March 22.