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SEGA contest asks fans to guess the name of upcoming mystery game

SEGA has come up with a novel way to announce the identity of an upcoming franchise set to make its return on the Playstation 3.

Announced yesterday on the SEGA blog, the “Name That Game” contest simply requires that you watch — or more specifically, listen — to a video they’ve created (embedded below) which contains an audio clue to the project’s identity. Sure, it might seem like an easy call for most fans, but here’s the challenge: you want to listen, but that bunny is just so darn cute you can’t help getting distracted.

(Okay, maybe that was just us.)

If you’re able to guess the game’s identity, you’ll just need to fill out some forms on the blog to enter the contest and have a chance to win the game. SEGA is randomly picking ten winners from everyone who guesses the game’s identity correctly.

Don’t worry if you can’t guess the name of the game, because we can tell you that it’s… Oh, wow! That bunny is so freakin’ cute! Look! Look what it just did! Wait, what were we saying?