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Skyrim to bring back vampirism disease, expanding the rules of vampire play


Vampirism isn’t new to The Elder Scrolls series, so it’s a good bet than none of you fans are surprised to hear of its return. Just like the series’ previous releases, you turn into a vampire after you’ve been infected with the disease in Skyrim. From that moment on, you’re subject to a number of restrictions and advantages, all built around the modern vampire myth. You’re a blood-drinker and you’ve got a nasty sunlight allergy (always accompanied by a sharp burning sensation).

Bethesda Softworks‘ Todd Howard, Skyrim‘s director, talked a bit about how the fanged ones fit into the game. Calling it “a whole other mode of playing the game,” Howard confirmed that vampires have their own set of levels, though whether he means a separate progression system or simply the stages of the illness as its been seen in previous games is unclear. He also explains that players will be able to control the disease by drinking people’s blood.

It sounds pretty similar to previous appearance of vampirism in the Elder Scrolls series. Let’s face it: you’re just reading this because you want to know more about Skyrim and you’re tired of waiting for the fast-approaching release date to arrive. Fortunately, the holiday season is pretty well underway now, meaning there’s a lot of gaming to fill the time with between now and Skyrim‘s 11/11/11 release.