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Sony questions the value of EA Access for PlayStation 4 gamers

Sony isn’t a fan of Electronic Arts’ just-announced, subscription-based EA Access program, according to an official statement delivered to Game Informer. “We evaluated the EA Access subscription offering and decided that it does not bring the kind of value PlayStation customers have come to expect,” a company spokesperson said.

The statement goes on to note that PlayStation Plus subscriptions are on the rise, and the popularity is reflective of a desire among gamers for a more full-featured offering in their subscription programs than a single publisher can provide. Sony’s PS Plus program is necessary for those wishing to take advantage of online multiplayer features in games on PlayStation 4 hardware. The subscription also includes PlayStation Store discounts, an Instant Game Collection that isn’t unlike the all-you-can-play portion of EA Access, cloud storage, and access to multimedia content, such as the upcoming Powers series.

EA Access launches soon on Xbox One, offering gamers free downloads of select EA catalog titles — Battlefield 4Madden NFL 25FIFA 14, and Peggle 2 are all confirmed so far — as well as discounts on purchases of downloadable EA offerings (DLC and full games)and days-early access to unreleased games, with any progress made carrying over into eventual purchases. The service will cost $5 per month or $30 for a full year subscription.