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Speed Racer Game in the Works

Fans of the 1960s cult classic Speed Racer series are in for a major revival of the show. Not only is a Speed Racer movie in the works for 2008, a speed racer videogame is officially on the way as well. The game had been rumored since late July, but Warner Brothers Interactive sealed the deal with an official announcement on Wednesday.

Naturally, the game’s release will coincide with its theatric cousin (produced by Warner Bros. Pictures), and the game will be based on the movie. Only Nintendo Wii and DS versions will initially be available – a PlayStation 2 release is planned, but will be stalled to hit shelves with the DVD launch of Speed Racer.

New-Zealand-based Sidhe Interactive will develop the title alongside their other upcoming release, Jackass: the Game. They will collaborate heavily with the movie’s producers to match the aesthetic feel in both mediums. John Gaeta, a visual-effects supervisor for the film, will work with both mediums to ensure a similar experience.