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The best gaming headset you can buy

Seal out the world and dial in your skills with the best gaming headsets

the best gaming headset you can buy razer man o  war review
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Whether you’re playing from your couch, or getting up close and personal with your PC monitor, a gaming headset has become a necessity for video game players of any level. Sure, having a boomin’ sound system can help immerse you into the action of your favorite games, but in many cases, you can get a great audio experience for your gaming with nothing more than a headset. Furthermore, if you’re serious about competing in multiplayer matches, you’ll need a high quality mic to communicate with your friends (and enemies).

So throw out those wimpy single-ear pack-in headset, ditch the weak monitor speakers or laptop mics, and let us help you find your next favorite gaming headset.

Our pick

Razer Mano’war 7.1
Razer Man O' War Gaming Headset review

Why should you buy this: Razer’s Mano’war 7.1 is a versatile headset that meets the needs of console and PC gamers alike.

Who’s it for: The average gamer (who doesn’t mind a wired connection)

How much will it cost: $120

Why we picked the Razer Mano’War 7.1:

By most measures, Razer’s Mano’war 7.1 — the wired, surround sound-equipped version of its wireless model of the same name — is a fantastic headset. Its virtual 7.1 surround sound is some of the best on the market, its microphone is sleek, discreet, and yet outperforms most of the competition, and the sound it pumps out of its two, large ear cups is balanced. The only real limiting factor is its size, which renders it a difficult choice for mobile use. But what it lacks in portability is more than makes up for in performance.

We’ll admit: there are headsets that do the many things that the Mano’war 7.1 can do, but none of them do them as consistently well in aggregate.

Furthermore, the Razer Mano’war 7.1 have the distinct advantage of being usable with virtually any and all modern gaming device, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, Android devices, (most) iOS devices, or even directly into your monitor, TV, or speakers — really, anything that has a 3.5mm or USB input. Sure, opting for the 3.5mm means losing out on the surround sound (which is a major draw of this headset, to be sure), but the fact that the Mano’war 7.1 can be your go-to for just about every console or mobile device you play on is a major boon — and since it’s audio and microphone performance are top-notch, and it isn’t prohibitively expensive, it’s pretty clear why we like these so much.

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