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The Darkness 2 pre-order incentives revealed


2K Games will release The Darkness 2 on February 7, 2012. The game was originally set to make its bow this month, but the release was pushed back probably at least in part because there’s some incredibly stiff competition this holiday season. The Digital Extremes-developed sequel isn’t the marquee title that some of the other upcoming games this month are, so the delay makes good sense for all involved.

We can still talk about the game though, especially when 2K is going to go ahead and reveal all of the nifty bonuses fans can get for pre-ordering a copy. A press release issued this morning reveals that all Darkness 2 pre-orders will automatically upgrade to a Limited Edition version of the game. You’ll get a custom illustration from The Darkness comics co-creator Marc Silvestri, a free digital download of volumes one and two of The Darkness Origins and, of course, some in-game boosts.

There’s an alternate Darkling outfit — Jackie Estacado, the game’s protagonist, is constantly followed around by a little implike creature called a Darkling — which is probably just cosmetic, giving your companion a look called “Crazy Abdul.” There are also two ability upgrades offered in the Limited Edition: Gourmet Hearts, which gives you an experience bonus for eating the hearts of dead enemies, and Relic Hunter, which helps you find the collectibles scattered throughout the game. Sounds like a good package for Achievements/Trophy-seekers.