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Top 10 Most Anticipated Games for (the Rest) of 2010

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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty


Q4 2010

This is a hard game to get excited about in some ways. Maybe it’s just that the word “excited” is not really a good fit. Anticipated? Definitely. Eagerly awaited? Sure. A stress-filled ball of hate waiting to crush your soul? Maybe in Korea. The people that play StarCraft are legion, and they are very much into the game. They play at a different level of competition, and taking on an experienced vet is like being alright at checkers and challenging a chess master. Nowhere is this more evident than Korea, where there are leagues that are featured on TV, and they have everything you would expect from a legitimate sports league: sponsorships, huge cash prizes for the winner, and betting and corruption scandals. It is taken seriously over there, and calling StarCraft a “game” in Korea has the same hollow, sound that calling the NFL a game does – both are only a game unless you are playing, then it is serious business.

So the new game is definitely anticipated, but again, excited is the wrong word. The pre-orders are already piling up, and the beta has been dissected at great lengths by the StarCraft initiated. The problem with StarCraft is that it isn’t likely to attract too many new players, and those who fall under its spell will have an uphill battle awaiting them if they venture online. Players of the original game will be all over it, and many real-time-strategy fans might give it a go, but the learning curve is so steep, that it is likely to scare away all but the most determined. The loyal and initiated will make this a best seller, and their numbers are huge. Fear this game, noobs. The weak will not survive it. On the plus side, it will likely open up a new and lucrative section of e-gambling in Korea! Hooray? This game is also good news for the PC gaming industry. Especially since it will likely cost around $17,000 in upgrades just to run the damn thing. Kidding, PC Gamers, just kidding! Feel free to sound off in the comments below. Just leave my mom out of this.

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