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Top 10 Most Anticipated Games for (the Rest) of 2010

Halo: Reach

(Xbox 360)


If you have a pulse and an Xbox, you have probably heard about this game. If not, someone at Microsoft is about to get fired. The hype for this game has already hit such insane proportions that if the recently released beta had been for sale, it could have outsold 90 percent of all the games out there. Which is kinda why Halo: ODST’s sales number were so high, come to think of it.

When Halo: ODST came out, it felt like more of an expansion to Halo 3 - it seemed like a contractually obligated spinoff, and even though it wasn’t a bad game, it felt like a tease. Even the multiplayer aspect felt uninspired and more like an addition to Halo 3’s multiplayer than something new. Playing with ODST soldiers in the Halo universe is like playing as the National Guard in an X-Men game.

Then when the trailer of Halo: Reach dropped at E3, it just felt right. Most fans of the Halo universe are at least somewhat familiar with the story of Reach from the book Halo: The Fall of Reach written by Eric Nylund. The novel chronicles the last stand of a group of Spartans on a world that becomes an Alamo-like slaughter that bolsters the Earth forces after it becomes a rallying cry. When the trailer debuted and showed us a new story, with a new multiplayer and a new campaign with actual Spartans we were hooked. The beta was promising, but like all betas it was limited and had flaws, but hey- it is Halo. More than that, it is probably the last Halo from Bungie. So we want it!

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