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Top 10 Most Anticipated Games for (the Rest) of 2010

With E3 currently dominating the thoughts of everyone in the gaming industry, we took a look back at the games we were most excited for when the year began. It was like cleansing our pallets in preparation for the next round. To our surprise, the majority of the games we were excited by back in January have already come out, and have been played. Yes, you might have been dumped by significant others over them, but you have likely since moved on.

Was it just a year with a heavy first and second quarter, or did we just get caught up with the games that were receiving more hype at the moment? We are frequently subject to the dreaded “bling” syndrome that causes us to become easily distracted by anything that looks awesome – it is a great trait for writers at a tech site. In the real world? Not so much. So it is possible that we missed a lot of cool titles coming out.

We then went through and looked over the games still coming out this year that we are excited about, and we discussed it rationally, as adults. And then we argued for the next eighteen days before it devolved into a knife fight over whether or not Samus was hot. Don’t ask, it doesn’t make any sense to us either.

So with that in mind, we scoured through all the new releases due out this year and compiled a list of games that we are most looking forward to – fully aware that most of you will hate at least three of these games, a good chunk of you will be pissed that we excluded game X, and many of you will think we are idiots for posting this list before E3 comes out. To the rest of you, thank you, and we love you.

So as E3 gears up, here are a few games to get you excited before the news of what else is coming down the pipeline dominates the headlines. To the games!

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