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Which games would gaming icons bring to a deserted island?

Many a music fan has played this game – you’re sitting around with your friends at a pub or perhaps on a long road trip – and the conversation turns to what three albums you’d bring to a deserted island.

Well, what about video games? Yes, assuming there’s a console or computer, television – oh, and a little ‘ol thing called electricity – what three games of yesteryear or today would you toss in your suitcase (presuming, of course, you knew you were going there)?

Well, Digital Trends thought it would be interesting if we turned to a handful of video game luminaries of our time to ask what three titles they’d bring to a deserted isle, and why.

We caught up with eight famous game designers to find out their picks. Here are their responses – in their own words.

Warren Spector

Cliff Bleszinski

Todd Howard

Tim Willits

Will Wright

Alex Rigopulos

Ed Boon

Shinji Mikami

Also let us know in the comments section which three games you would pick if stranded on a deserted island.

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