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Wii Zapper to Hit Stores November 19

Wii Zapper to Hit Stores November 19

The Nintendo Wii has made its mark not so much for its technology, but for its innovative wireless controllers, fun games, and its consumer-friendly price. But fans of traditional shoot-em-up games have been frustrated by the Wiimote and its companion Nunchuck controller: they want to point something at the screen to shoot bad guys. Now, Nintendo has announced when its Wii Zapper accessory will land at retailers: November 19, for a suggested price of $19.99.

The Wii Zapper is a casing which contains both the Wiimote and the Nunchuck controller into an arcade-gun like controller. The Zapper casing will ship with Link’s Crossbow Training, a game based on the Legend of Zelda game series and which will let users get used to firing the Wii Zapper as they take on the role of the hero Link as he tests his crossbow marksmanship.

"The Wii Zapper combines our remarkable controllers into one housing with a classic style reminiscent of arcade-style games," says Nintendo’s George Harrison, in a release. "Both veteran and first-time players will find it brings a whole new dimension to games where targeting is key and provides even more exciting game-play experiences."

Lest users fear they’ll only be able to use the Zappper in the Link’s Crossbow Training game, Nintendo says third party publishers are in line to support the Wii Zapper in upcoming titles, including EA’s Medal of Honor Heroes, Capcom’s Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, and Sega’s zombie game Ghost Squad.