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Win a copy of NBA 2K13 on PC, PS3, or Xbox 360!

NBA 2K13 giveawayIf you have even a tiny bit of interest in basketball video games — or sports games in general for that matter — then you have a moral obligation to at least consider giving NBA 2K13 a look. It features smooth gameplay, a new controller scheme, an addictive create-a-player, and you can even play as Justin Bieber! Ok, well maybe it is better to say: you can even dunk on Justin Bieber! The Beeb likes to fake the funk on a nasty dunk. Proven fact.

But whether you lace up as the Canadian man child or look for a way to turn off intentional fouls in order to show him a little playground justice, NBA 2K13 is a game that is worth the attention of sports fans everywhere.

Check out our full review here for more details.

We are entering the season of gaming, a time when developers and publishers alike are going to come at you like shop owners in a bizarre, all trying to get your attention and convince you to buy their wares. And wow, there are going to be a lot of wares over the next few months. That makes your choices on which games to buy even more important. So why not let us help you out with that by sending you a copy of NBA 2K13 on us?

Here’s all you have to do for a shot at winning: post a comment below and let us know who you think the best player in the NBA is right now. Unless you say something like, for example, “potato,” there is no wrong answer. You can also reply to someone else’s post and be entered, but be sure to play nice.

We will then pick five winners: two will receive copies on the PS3, two will receive Xbox 360 copies, and one will receive a Steam code for PC.

Please note that while we will be happy to ship anywhere, the games are manufactured for the North American region, and we cannot guarantee they will work on consoles made for other regions.

The contest ends Tuesday, October 9 at noon PST. Good luck!

(Update: We have contacted all the winners, but are still waiting to hear back from one winner, then we will announce the winners.)