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Wolf King Drops Circular Gaming Keyboard

Manufacturers have cooked up some pretty interesting keyboards in the name of ergonomics, fashion and marketing before, but nothing quite like the Warrior Xxtreme. Naturally, this oddball keyboard from Wolf King is built to appeal to gamers, specifically the RPG crowd who need a mess of buttons at their disposal at all times.

Photos of the keyboard, which features two circular arrays of keys mounted into a matte-black base, first leaked from the FCC a few days ago, but Wolf King officially launched the keyboard on Monday. The left-hand array is centered around the game-critical WASD keys, with a hodge-podge of other game related keys fanned out around them, including the number keys, F-keys, and a bizarre vertical spacebar. The right-hand array has been loaded with a slightly more conventional 40-key QWERTY key layout, to be used for less commonly used game functions and data entry. Other key features include blue backlighting, audio controls, and a built-in USB hub.

The Wolf King Warrior Xxtreme will initially sell for $79.99 through Dell.com, although it appears Dell has not yet added it to the site. Wolf King claims the keyboard will be available through other retailers on Dec. 10.