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The new Kinect will eventually watch you from a PC

xbox-one-event-sensor-frontThe Xbox One‘s next-gen Kinect sensor, referred to so far only as the new Kinect, will eventually arrive on PC, Microsoft executives confirmed. Microsoft corporate vice president of interactive entertainment business Ben Kilgore told Polygon that the new Kinect will hit PC “at some point down the line,” and Kinect program manager Scott Evans said much the same to Shacknews.

At the moment details are nonexistent – not surprising since the new Kinect has been in the public’s eye for just over a day at this point – but Evans said more information will arrive “soon.”

The next-gen Kinect will be be included with every Xbox One bundle, guaranteeing its entry into millions of homes (assuming the Xbox One is a success, of course). It features a 1080p camera with a wider viewing angle than its predecessor, facial recognition, heartbeat sensing, night vision, and more new features. Most importantly though, it allows for a degree of precision not possible on the previous generation.  

Following its release for the Xbox 360 in 2010, the original Kinect sensor was released for Windows PC in 2012 and has proved useful in a number of unusual settings, such as hospitals. The 360 and PC versions have gone on to sell more than 24 million units worldwide.