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You can own a life-sized Portal gun by spring

This was a triumph. Even though we’re on our fifth year since the sciency cult video game Portal hit the market, fans still can’t get enough of the game’s myriad of entertainment memorabilia. There’s the Turret plush that glows and talks (just enough to let you know it doesn’t hate you), Aperture Science iPad sleeves, and a Wheatley LED flashlight. We’ve also seen Portal-inspired homes (at least twice), marriage proposals, weddings, Christmas trees. Even a New York landmark got made over to look like the ever lovable weighted companion cube. Fans, it’s time to get more excited than ever: Come April, you can take your Portal love to a new level by owning a 1:1 scale replica of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, just like the one Chell uses in the game.

Well, maybe not just like Chell’s. We should preface this by saying that of course the toy gun won’t actually shoot space-hopping holes and transport you to your hot neighbor’s house, but it will make for an amazing home decoration or the perfect Halloween costume accessory. The beautifully-crafted handgun will also glow in either blue or orange with a click of a button while you pretend to open ports in your wall, ceilings, doors… shoot your cat too, let your imaginations fly.NECA Portal Gun

And you can trust that the life-sized model of the Portal gun will look as authentic as it gets; the toy is being manufactured by the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA), famed for replicating numerous other video games and movies props such as the BioShock Eve Hypo Syringe, Sweeney Todd’s razor blade with its signature red velvet pouch, a talking Harry Potter Sorting Hat and the Gears of War 3 cleaver. Its ability to obtain official licensing from media companies help NECA create hyper-realistic versions of these collectible merchandises. Online pre-orders for the Portal gun have started in Japan at the price of 16,000 yen, or approximately $208, and it is expected to ship in April.

But if upwards of $200 seem like a lot to splurge on a piece of non-space warping toy, you can also attempt to make your own version of the gun. Assuming you’re a crafty electrical wiz, Instructables and several other fans have devised impressive DIY guides on making your own Portal gun. Be forewarned that it does involve many steps, a big time investment, and vast knowledge of a home supply store inventory (tell us the average person understands what it means to cover pink insulation foam with “Wonderflex plastic, and the edges lined with Apoxie,” because we certainly don’t). So unless you’re up for the challenge, simply buying the prop just might be your best bet to owning the coolest toy ever. We won’t judge you. After all, everyone knows we do what we must because we can.